Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Small Urban Decay Haul

Today I made a trip to Ulta in search of one item. Urban Decay's Hall of Fame.

This baby retails for $29, but is going for $18 right now. It comes with 4 mini versions of some of their best selling products - a Skyscraper mascara, 24/7 eyeliner in Zero, Midnight Cowboy lipstick, and the pocket rocket in Timothy.

But the main reason I wanted this thing is the primer potion. No, that's not the typical sized one, it's the XL. The normal UDPP sells for $17, so this set is like paying $1 extra for 60% more product and then getting 4 samples thrown in for free. Not bad, eh?

As for the minis, here's a look at Midnight Cowboy. Its formulation is so sheer that it really deposits no color at all, but does leave a lot of shimmer. I will certainly never invest in the full size version, but I will find a way to use the little product provided here.

Timothy applies as a lovely sheer red; so though bright in the tube, it's not scary when applied. It does, however, have a bit of a nasty smell to it - like a combination of brown sugar and burnt plastic. Also, if you are familiar with the full size Pocket Rockets, you know that each has a holographic image of a man who is sometimes dressed - and sometimes not. The hologram is not featured in the small version so poor mini Timothy will have to remain in his skivvies indefinitely.

The liner and mascara will get played with later.

This deal is good through January 16th, so I'd strongly suggest checking it out if you're an UDPP fan.

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