Saturday, February 13, 2010

Do you really want to try that?

If you have ever been into a cosmetics store or to a counter, you know that a myriad of tools are provided so that customers can sample products in a sanitary way. Sponge tips for eyeshadows, spatulas for lipsticks, etc. And we like to assume that everyone is aware of the dangers of germs and knows how to use those disposable tools, blah blah blah.

But to be honest, I have never sampled a lipstick or mascara on my lips or lashes because there will always be that one customer who doesn't know what she (or he) is doing, and slap that thing directly onto themselves. This way, regardless of whether I use those tools or not, the other person's germs are on the product.

Today, while perusing at Ulta, I saw yet another specimen of why I feel this way. At a counter in plain sight of the checkout, a girl was peering intently into one of the mirrors, carefully applying a bright red lipstick from a sample tube. Oh no, I thought - another one. She looked young to me and had on bright blue shadow that was not well applied (a bit tacky, too). This made me think that she probably was young and new to makeup - surely a sales associate would come and correct her and she would become another good makeup shopper who knew the rules of sanitary testing.

Imagine my surprise when I go to check out a few minutes later, and the girl with the blue shadow IS an associate! I was honestly in absolute shock.
How can we expect customers to know and use proper sampling methods if it's not even something that all associates do? While I am quite aware that there are probably very few people who work around makeup who would do this, the fact that there are any is disgusting.

I've never worked in makeup, but I hope that part of the training process involves demonstrating proper sanitation practices.

After this, I'm sure I will continue to only feel safe testing products on my hand.

Happy sampling, everyone!

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  1. OMG :/ Yikes!!!! I do the testing on my hand as well, because there are a lot of morons walking around in cosmetic stores and counters! :/



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