Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Review: Maybelline Stylish Smokes in Amethyst Smokes

I've been seduced... I am a lover of both purple and smokey eyes, so put the two together, and I am sold. Maybelline did just that.

This ad had me thinking that I would soon have all the colors necessary to create this gorgeous (in my opinion) purple, smokey eye in one convenient quad. Well, as often happens with seductions, I am left heartbroken. Firstly, let's take a look at the colors themselves.

While they do look lovely in the pans, a closer inspection will show you that the look in the ad is not even achievable using these colors - namely because of the 'lid' shade. The ad look would require a light lilac color, but you are given a deeper purple with a subtle blue sheen in the quad. I am actually kicking myself for not noticing this in the store before I purchased it. While you may be able to create a similar color by mixing the 'lid' with the 'brown bone' shade (the white one), who wants to do that? When a look is advertised with a specific collection of colors, I believe those colors should create said look.

But you can still use the colors for other looks, yeah? Sortof...

I've watched a few video reviews on this quad, and the girls would show fingertip swatches which looked really good. I could give you these swatches, too, and tell you that the shadows are excellent.

Exhibit A.

However, I think the true test of a shadow's pigmentation is in the finger-to-hand-swatch. Even some of the worst quality shadows can come up well on a finger swatch and not perform well beyond that...

Exhibit B.

Not terrible, but nothing close to what those finger swatches would have you believe you're getting. You can still fight good color out of these shadows, but it requires a good sticky base and a lot of layering. Not really worth it in my opinion. While I am generally a fan of Maybelline products and believe they offer some quality items at a good price, I am left extremely disappointed with this. I had even been considering purchasing other quads from the Smokes collection before I got this one, but there is no way after this.

Skip out on this one.

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