Monday, May 24, 2010

The Body Shop Lip Butters - An Unexpected Dissapointment

For some reason, I am constantly pulled into looking at different lip butters/moisturizers/what have you, always looking for some perfect product that will surpass all others and leave me never having to purchase another one again. Neither one of these is it...

I've never been very drawn to the Body Shop; I've always been more of a Bath and Body Works kind of girl (and it doesn't help that there isn't a Body Shop near where I live). However, I had seen videos from a couple of girls raving about their Coconut Lip Butter for awhile, so back around Christmas I, based on faith from what I'd heard, ordered it along with another lip butter from the website - product untested in person. I believe they were having a buy one get one 50% offer at the time - otherwise I wouldn't have bothered trying two. I'd wanted to try the strawberry one, but they were out so I settled for watermelon.

Well, 5 months later I feel I've given them a more than fair go (I've trudged my way through about half of the coconut and a third of the watermelon), and I really can't stand them. I wouldn't have given most products thing long, but I really wanted to love them because of those reviews. The coconut one has a nice smell - not an artificially sweet coconut scent, but more like coconut milk, but the positives for it really end there. I don't find it at all moisturizing, and it actually leaves a milky white residue on your lips regardless of how thinly applied. Unless you're a fan of the nude lip look, this product will have to be relegated to a night-time product.

The watermelon one doesn't leave any color behind, but I don't find it moisturizing either. And while I know I shouldn't hold this against it - it smells exactly like the Lip smackers watermelon lip balm. I know this is a psychological issue, not a problem with the product itself, but when an $8 product resembles one that I can get for $2, it puts me off. On top of that, the smell is very artificial - not like the coconut one.

I've looked at the product descriptions again online, and I can't understand why they aren't moisturizing. The site says the coconut lip butter contains Shea butter, beeswax, and coconut oil while the watermelon one has melon seed oil and beeswax- all ingredients that should be moisturizing - but they just don't translate into results for me...

Did I hype myself up for these too much based on others' reviews? Was I expecting too much? Do those reviewers really think these results are good??? Or maybe the products are somehow working differently for these other people.

All I know is that from this point on I will be a bit more wary of ordering things from the Body Shop without doing a more thorough review search or trying to find a way to test them in person first - or I'll just go to Bath and Body Works.

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