Monday, June 14, 2010

A Book With Pictures Makes Me Happy (and a True Blood book update)

I've never really been a person who preferred books with pictures - even when I was younger.
But isn't there always an exception? Well I've found it.

In case you don't know - this book basically outlines the Sex and the City 2 movie, and it is gorgeous. I got the hardback, but it doesn't have the typical feel of a hardback cover - it's soft and plushy. I don't really know what to make of it. I don't know if it will wear as well over time. But for now - I like it.

The photos are what make this book. Not only does it break down many of the outfits seen in the film, but also some that were cut out, and some of the set designs. Amazing. Anyone who is a fan of the show (or interested in fashion) should take a look at this.

And a small update on the Sookie Stackhouse books:

I finished the 3rd book a few days ago (just in time for the True Blood premiere!), and I have to say that I did enjoy it more than I did the other 2 since I didn't have the show to compare it to.
I think this book was worse than the first two. The storyline had less depth than its predecessors, and Sookie's character got even flatter (if that was possible). And (in an attempt not to give anything away), have you ever seen a story where a big mystery came about, but when the explanation is revealed, it seems lackluster for how much the question was built up? Well there's a big one here! And I just don't believe the actions of some of the characters - the motivation doesn't seem to be there, so it seems like they're just jumping around with no purpose or drive.

I watched the show's premiere last night, and I have high hopes for this season. I'm hoping they manage to make the book into something much better as they did with the first two.

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