Monday, July 5, 2010

Clarisonic Dupe?

Although I'm a bit embarrassed to admit it, there is a part of me that really wants a Clarisonic. I see rave reviews all the time about how the tool is the best investment some people have made in their skin and how they don't know how they lived without out it. But why embarrassed? Because it would essentially be paying almost $200 for a big toothbrush (it was created the makers of the Clarisonic toothbrush after all). Confession: In an attempt to replicate the Clarisonic effect, I actually do have an electric toothbrush devoted to scrubbing my skin. But tiny brush = bigger time commitment.

But I think it's possible that I may have - dare I say it - found a dupe (or at least something close to it) at T. J. Maxx.

The Pretika SonicDermabrasion Facial Brush

I saw a couple of these boxes sitting on a shelf and thought - hmm, that looks familiar. The box says that it uses "micro-pulsating cleansing technology" (i.e. it vibrates really quickly) and has two settings - one for gentle care and another for "penetrating exfoliation". It beeps every 20 seconds to signal you to change areas on your face and turns itself off after 1 minute. Seriously, does this sound familiar?

So for $30, it was mine (actually $29.99, but who are they kidding with that penny?). I checked the Pretika site and found that this thing retails for $50, so I got a fair deal on it.

The instructions say to charge it for 24 hours before the first use, so I'll begin testing it out tomorrow night. I was a bit naughty, though, and turned it on for a few seconds. The brush does vibrate quite strongly, whereas I know that the Clarisonic brush moves back and forth. The brush also feels a bit rough, but that may be ok since it's only vibrating instead of being moved across the skin.

I will try to do an update on this tool in a few weeks, but I wanted to make a post now in case anyone wants to go hunting for it at a local T. J. Maxx. I actually went to two and saw a few of them at both stores, so it's worth checking if you're interested. I'd hate to not mention it until after you can't find it.

And a little something extra.

Because I seem incapable of leaving that store without finding at least 2 things that I want, I also picked up a bronzer.

It's the Willi Smith Gold Sun Bronzer Compact. I've never seen this brand anywhere outside of TJM, but his clothes are all over that store, and a few makeup items every now and then.
I don't normally go in for the faux tanning and bronzing products, but...
look how pretty!!!

It's a gorgeous golden tan shade - no yellow or orange undertones to be seen. It has a lovely golden sheen to it (not just from that gold overspray), but it really is a sheen, so no one should use it as a bronzer unless they really want to draw attention to their face. And I won't be.

I'll be using this baby as an eyeshadow; and being bigger than my palm, it'll last forever. And it was a deal at only $4.99 (there's that penny again).

I couldn't manage to take a photo that truly gave justice to the gold sheen this gives, but the color in this one was true to tone. So nice, right?

I'll update on the facial brush after I've used it for awhile. If you're interested in it, keep an eye out on here. If you want to see it in person and get it at the discounted price, though, I'd really suggest going to check your stores because it could be sold out before I post an update.

I'm sure I won't be the only person who sees the similarities to the Clarisonic, so I can see it selling out.

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  1. The "worst" thing about Clarisonic is not the price! It's the fact that you can't be sure that this thing will work great for your skin! Because at that price you expect GREAT results, not just good results! Please let us know how it goes with your Pretika find! :) That bronzer looks gorgeous!



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