Thursday, July 29, 2010

First Foray Into E.L.F.

Back around Christmas, Target and e.l.f. teamed up to release some limited edition items for the holidays. There were a few different packages that had different combinations of products from the e.l.f. line, but the one thing I was interested was a 'book' that had 12 shadows in it that retailed for $5. Good deal, right? But by the time I decided I wanted to get it (yes, I'd walked past it a few times without picking it up), they were sold out.

So I went online and ordered it thinking everything would be fine, and that I'd soon have my new toy. Well a few months and a few emails about it being back-ordered later, I was informed that they wouldn't be getting any more in stock i.e. my package wasn't coming. Boo.

After the holidays, many Targets started carrying some permanent line items from e.l.f., but neither of mine do, so I still hadn't been able to try anything from the brand.

Last night, I watched a YouTube video by
emilynoel83 where she showed some special Back to School items that e.l.f. was releasing through Target - one being a new version of the 'book' I'd wanted at Christmas. So today I had to run to both of my Targets, but I found what I was looking for - and a little bit extra.

This time, they released three editions of the book.

The 'Neutral Eye', the 'Smoky Eye', and the 'Eye Brights' Editions

I did a few quick swatches to test out the quality of them, and I'm extremely pleased. A few seem like they may be a bit chalky, but they can still be worked with; but for only $5 per book, most of them are surprisingly good.

I also grabbed the two versions of the 6 shade palette they had -

The 'Neutrals' and the 'Smoky' palette.
These were $3 apiece.

They also had some sets again which I passed on. Yes - I do have a little bit of restraint.

The last two things I picked up were only $1 each - a bronzer/blush duo and a lip shine in Fuschia Frenzy.

There is one bronzer/blush duo from e.l.f. in the permanent line that I've seen many people say is comparable in tone to a duo offered by NARS. I don't have the NARS one to compare it to, so I really can't say. I'm not even sure this are the same e.l.f. product they're referring to because the one I've always seen is in a square compact and mine is round. Either way, I'll get to try some face products from the brand.

From the display, I could see that they'd also thrown in multiple single brushes for $1 each, but they were all sold out. Darn! I would've been interested in trying some of those out, too. Oh well.

I've just tried out the gloss, and I don't think I'm crazy about it. It gives a tiny bit of color and a nice sheen, but the formulation is quite thick and sticky... not my cup of tea, but I won't give up on it yet. At least it was only $1!

If you're interested in checking these out, I'd suggest you make a run to Target soon because, based off the Christmas releases, I think these will sell out pretty quickly.

The items are also listed at Target's website if you'd like to check out what else they're offering.

Have you ever tried anything from e.l.f.?


  1. WOW!!!! Ill be getting one! thanks

  2. @Kim
    all the items are really good deals - especially the books. If you want to see what other sorts of packages they have, they're listed on Target's website. :)

  3. oh thanks for sharing !

    i've never tried any product from e.l.f , even if it's very cheap i was afraid of buying something that would disappoint me and that i wouldn't use anymore.

    it's good to know that these palettes are okay for such a low price :D

    xxx !!!

  4. I love Emily, she's great!! :) We still haven't got these new palettes (I shop from Elf UK), but they look pretty! :)

    @Lily I have quite many elf reviews on my blog, check them out if you want! They have some really nice stuff that won't break the bank! ;) Let me know girls if you need any suggestions, I own plenty of stuff from Elf! ;)


  5. @Lily I know what you mean. I think I was actually more afraid to try it out because it was SO cheap, but I felt better being able to see it in person before I bought it. They're definnitely not perfect, and I'm not too impressed with the gloss, but the shadows are really good for the price :)

    @Stavroula I really enjoy Emily, too. I like how she just naturally incorporates both low and high end products into her collection rather than forcing in lower end items for show.
    And I'll have to check back through your blog for your elf reviews. Maybe I'll get more into that brand now :)


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