Sunday, July 25, 2010

How Long Have I Had That?

Have you ever looked at the empty container of a freshly finished product and wondered 'how love have I had that'? Even though I've tried to remember when I started using a few items; by the time I actually do finish them, I never quite can. So, I've only ever had a rough approximation of how long something had been sitting on my counter.

But, as there usually is, there's an easy way to get a solid answer. It just took me awhile to think to do it... Label it!!!

I use the small white, round stickers that are often used to mark prices at garage sales and whatnot to mark the date that I start using the product. You can get a pack of 560 for only a few dollars.

I've only done it on a few items so far and just finished the first marked one about a week ago - a lotion that was bought on a whim because it smelled good (and it was on sale).

It took me over a month and a half to finish this thing... I'm not sure if that's good or bad. It lasted a fair amount of time, but this also means that I should think more carefully about spontaneous purchases of body products - it would be very easy to purchase them faster than they are used up.

On another note, I think this little sticker trick would come in very handy with more expensive products. Curious if the price of something can be justified by how long it lasts? Find out!

But now, onto a new product with a new little, white sticker. It'll be interesting to see how much (if any) variation there is between how long similar products last.


  1. Good idea!!! I need some white stickers! :) Btw thank you so much for following my blog, you're my 100th follower!!!! :D


  2. @Stavroula Thanks so much! I thought it was pretty good, too, but it's so simple! I feel silly for not thinking of it earlier :P

    and I'm so happy I got to be an important number! Thanks for being my #6! haha

  3. I will definitely try it! :) ;)

    I'm so happy too!! :) Hehehe ;) I'm wondering why you only have 6 followers, since you write beautifully and you have nice ideas!


  4. @Stavroula
    Thanks! I kindof wonder that, too, sometimes. I don't think many people have actually seen this blog, and I'm not sure how to help more find it. Any tips would be welcome :)
    But until then, I'll keep posting when I have something interesting to say and hope more people stumble upon it.


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