Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Random Rambling - Dead Space

As bad as it is, I have gotten to the point where I have so much of something that I sometimes forget what I have. Obviously, that something here is makeup.

The other day I was looking through some of my things, trying to reintroduce myself to items that I may have been neglecting, and I stumbled across a forsaken palette. (Don't you love how I humanize makeup? Admit it, you're starting to feel bad for the palette.)

Anyhow, it's a collection of 48 shadows that I purchased from Ulta almost one year ago. I remember that it was only $10 - one of those items that they display at the checkout counter to force you to make a quick decision. And 48 shadows for that little seems like a deal, yes?

Why haven't I been using this? I thought. I have a few Ulta singles, and most of them are good quality (yes, only most. not all). After a few minutes of playing via hand swatching, I remembered why. The quality is awful! After going through all 48, I can say that not a single one is pigmented. And I don't just mean that they have only medium pigmentation alone - which could be remedied through a primer or good base. No. I mean that a finger-to-hand swatch results in no color. To even get any product on the finger, intense pressure and rubbing on the pan is necessary. Not worth it.

So for an entire year, this little devil has been creating what I'll refer to as dead space in my collection - space that is taken up by something that has no purpose. Space that could have been used to organize items that do get used.

The answer: although I hate to feel wasteful, this is getting tossed. I really did try to think of some use for it, but there is just no hope for pigmentless eyeshadow.

And now I have a little more usable space in my makeup area than I had before, and my life is a little less cluttered.

Do you have anything that's creating dead space in your collection?

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