Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Second Chance Item

Have you ever encountered an item that you talked yourself out of purchasing only to be left kicking yourself later for not bringing it home? That happened to me last week.

On my way home, I stopped at T.J. Maxx - just to peruse, I swear. I think this is one of those stores that people either love or hate. I am in the second category - I like not knowing what I'll find when I go in since everything is always changing.

While perusing, I found two 'dresses' that I really loved hanging on one of the perimeter clothing racks (meaning they were new). I say 'dresses' because they were made so they could also be worn as skirts. There were multiple different prints, but two really stood out to me. So they were versatile, I loved the prints, and they were one-size-fits-all so they would always fit! And yet I talked myself out of them because I am a more slacks and jeans sort of girl and rarely wear dresses... and I began regretting the choice as soon as I got home.

Usually when I leave an item I like at a store, I'll feel a bit sad for the afternoon, but the feeling will have passed by the next day. A week later, and I still regretted not getting the dresses, so I decided I had to go back to look for them.

My heart dropped a little when I saw the rack they'd been on now had something new on them... the new new item. So they could still be somewhere else among the central racks, but where? With the dresses? With the skirts? What size would they hang with? I went all around that store looking for any glimmer of their fabric and wasn't finding them. I was about to give up and resign myself to the reality that I had just missed out when...

I found them! Both of them!

How lucky is that? When I went back for them, I knew there was a good chance they'd be gone. Fate obviously wanted me to have these. At least that's what I'll tell myself to justify the chase.

Have you ever had an item or product get away or had a second chance at getting it?


  1. they are so pretty !!! you've been really lucky !!!!!!!!!!!

    i'm never lucky when it's about clothing !!! when i see something that i like in a shop, usually i try to convice myself to stop wasting my money in clothing and i leave the store and feel a bit sad.
    Then i feel really too sad and a bit guilty, so the next day i go back to the store and of course the item has been sold !

    xxx !

  2. @Lilly from Paris It really is a sad thing, isn't it? I felt like I'd left a friend behind. I talk myself out of at lest half of the clothes I see that I like, but this was the first time I hadn't moved on to something else by the next day.
    At least we can comfort ourselves with knowing that for each item that we don't get, there are multiple others out there that we'll want just as much when we find them!
    And thankyou for commenting on my post. I love comments :)


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