Thursday, July 22, 2010

Urban Decay Did It Again...

If you've read through my earlier posts, you'll know that, back in January, Urban Decay pulled me in with their Alice In Wonderland Book of Shadows. I'd never owned any Urban Decay shadows before, but the price worked out to a good deal when compared to the price of their single shadows.

Well, they've pulled me in again.

I'd been debating whether or not to get this item since UD posted photos of this upcoming palette on twitter a few weeks ago. While perusing Sephora's website last week, I started looking at it more closely. It'd already been sold out a few times - clearly I was not the only one interested! So when it came back in stock, I had one of those hold your breath and press purchase moments, and it finally made its way to me yesterday.

The Naked Palette

This thing comes with 12 neutral colors, a double-ended eyeliner, and a mini primer potion. Unlike the Alice palette, there are a few shadows that are truly matte to help balance out the shimmer of the others. And, just like last time, a price breakdown was what helped me decide to purchase.

There is 0.05 oz of each shadow - the same amount that you'll get in a full-sized single from them. If you divide the $44 price tag among the shadows alone (i.e. leaving out the liners and mini primer potion), that comes out to $3.67 per shade - a huge savings from the $17 a single will cost you.

Now enough with the economics - onto the pretty pictures.

Here's a look at the overall product.

And a couple of closer ones to get a better look at the colors.

And all the colors are truly gorgeous on. If you want to see a lot more up-close photos and very accurate swatches, check out temptalia's post on it.

The only worry that I have is the packaging... The material on the outside is very soft and velvety; and, while that's extremely pretty and lush feeling now, I'm worried that once I start using it a lot, shadows may transfer from my fingers onto the material and make it look messy. We'll see! Hopefully it won't be difficult to clean well if it does happen.

As I'm writing this, Sephora is out of stock of this again. But, I'm pretty sure that this is a permanent item, so you won't have to break your neck (or spend crazy prices) hunting it down.

And a couple of other things I picked up.

Stila's The It Girl palette.

From the left: lamè, chloe, and kitten.

and the swatches

This little palette was $10 - a good deal for Stila shadow, and its especially good if you've wanted to try out Kitten but don't want to plop down the $18 for the single.

I'm not very fond of lamè because it goes on a bit splotchy and would require some building up to get good coverage, but the other 2 are very nice shades and good quality.


Living Proof's No Frizz Straight Making Styling System

This is a relatively new line that says it will both prevent frizz and help your hair repel dirt so you won't have to wash it as often.

Big words.

The items in this line are a bit pricey, so I chose a set that came with 3 travel-sized products. It comes with a shampoo, conditioner, and a leave-in spray. If it works, though, I'll probably talk myself into buying the full-sized bottles.

I'll do a post on here on the products' performance after I finish the set.

And a closing question: Have you ever noticed how quickly a bill at Sephora adds up? Geez.

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  1. That Urban Decay palette is gorgeous! We don't even get Urban Decay at our Sephoras (I'm in Greece) :/ I've heard that one of the newest NYX eyeshadow palettes (the small ones) is pretty similar! Hehehe! :)



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