Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Another Day, Another e.l.f. Book: the Eye Brights Edition

Moving right along with our closer look at the e.l.f. Beauty Books - currently available at Targets for back-to-school - here's the 'Eye Brights' version.

First - a look at the front cover. On the inside flap of the book are a few suggestions for shadow placement - it's the exact same as the one in the smoky book which I included a photo of in the previous post if you'd like a look-see.

And here's a shot of the shadows. Some of them look really nice in the pan, yea? Hmm... looks can be so deceiving (know where this is going?)

Row 1

All four of the shadows in this row leave nothing but a chalky, glittery mess. I tried very hard to get some true color to show up and, though you can't see it in the photo, I ended up with almost no color but somehow got glitter going halfway up my arm... not pretty. I think you would need a very good base to work with these, and you'd probably still have some issues with fallout. Fail row.

Row 2

The first shadow in this set is actually quite pretty. It's difficult to see since it almost blends in with my skin, but it catches the light in a lovely way and would make a nice lid shade or even as an inner corner highlight in a darker look. The other 3 are 'eh'. They are pretty but require work and building up to make something out of them.

Row 3

The first shade is very dry; but it, and the black shade as well, can also be built up to be pretty (they are both quite glittery, though). The middle two can also be built, but they both came out quite patchy. I'm really not sure what causes this, but it was very disappointing - especially with the reddish shade because I thought I'd really love that one.

Overall Thoughts
The main theme for this palette seems to be chalky mess. Although a couple of them could be very nice if you worked with them, I really don't think they're worth it. You could easily find other shades that are similar in color but of good quality.

I'm sorry to say that there isn't a redeeming factor in this one. I'd suggest skipping it.

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