Sunday, August 1, 2010

The e.l.f. 6 Shadow Palettes

If you read my earlier post here, you'll know that I went a bit mad with the e.l.f. products being offered at Target right now for the back-to-school season - two of them being small 6-shadow palettes. Following are some swatches and my two cents on their quality.

The 'Neutrals' Palette

I'll be honest, I was expecting to really love this little palette. As much as I love bright colored products in the pan, I am really a neutrals girl at heart, and I thought this would be one of those products that could just be thrown in my bag and go. Oh I was wrong. The colors look lovely in their pans, but they don't really translate on application.

On the top row, the left and right shades are a good, soft texture; but they do have to be built up a bit (the one on the right is there, but the shade blended into my skin). The shade on the bottom right is of similar quality.

The remaining three were the ones that I thought I would like the most, but they're the ones that are the worst. Don't you hate when that happens? It seems that in these little palettes chunky glitter = chunky mess with poor color pay off. Disappointing. I can also see just from doing the hand swatches that fallout could pose a big problem. If you look at the photo of the palette, notice all the glitter at the bottom- none of that was there before I began swatching.

The 'Smoky' Palette

These shadows follow a similar pattern - the two matte ones in the center have a good texture, but they have to be built up (in regards to the top one - a lot), and the glittery ones makes a bit of a mess.

The redeeming factors in this palette (for me) are the shadows on the top right and bottom middle. Although the top right shade is crumbly, it is such a pretty shade. I couldn't get a picture to truly do it justice. It wears like a grey, but has a lovely green cast to it. And the bottom middle shade is a really lovely dusky plum. You'd have to build it up if you wanted opaque coverage, but I think it would be very easy to use to smoke out the crease.

Out of the two palettes, the bottom right shade in this one wins the prize for biggest pain in the butt shade. Yes, it's chunky in the swatch, but that's not from lack of trying to blend it out. Relevant word being trying.

Overall Thoughts

I don't think these palettes are so terrible that I can't find a use for them. All of these swatches were done with no base or primer, so they may perform better with a little help. However, I wanted to take the swatches this way to showcase the strength of the shadows themselves, and a primer could disguise a shadow's weakness.

If I'd known these things before, I probably would have passed on them in the store, and that would probably be my suggestion to others.

I'm hoping that a good primer can help some of these issues and that 'books' are better quality!


  1. I like the smokey palette, but the neutral ones are SO not pigmented are they? Thanks for this review I was suppose to purchase these ones, but good thing I saw this post. :)

  2. @Kim Glad I could help :) I'm sure a good primer would make them a bit better, but it's not really worth the effort. There are so many drugstore products that are similar in shade for around the same price that would be better quality.


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