Thursday, August 5, 2010

e.l.f.'s Beauty Book: Neutral Eye Edition

Here we are at the end... the last of the 3 e.l.f. books to be swatched. Finally! I've gotten too much glitter on me for my taste while taking swatches of these; but I'm hoping these photos may help some of you out, and I can suffer a bit of glitter for that.

You know the process by now.

Front of the book.

Shot of the shadows.

And the row-by-row breakdown

Row 1

This is definitely our good row. All of them have good texture, fair pigmentaion, and don't seem like they'd create terrible fallout even though they are quite shimmery. The only bad bit is that the darkest shade on the right does have to be built up, but it doesn't become patchy as some of those in previous books have.

Row 2

This row is split: the first two shadows are nice, but the second two had very thin coverage with the darker one going on extremely patchy. I'm also not sure why they chose to include these more purple/pink shades in a neutral palette. I think more of a champagne shade or matte highlights would have been nice to include instead.

Row 3

This one is also split. The first two are, again, very nice (although I know it's difficult to see the first since it blended into my skin), and the second two are chalky with poor, patchy coverage.

Overall Thoughts
I think this book would be alright to pick up if you like the shades. The good ones are very nice, and I don't think that the bad ones are beyond the help of a good primer like those in the previous book I showed.

I hope these last few posts of swatches have helped some of you - maybe even saved you a few dollars. Overall, I'm still not sure what my feelings are of the e.l.f. brand as a whole. As I said before, these special Target items are the only experience I've had with them, and these make the quality of their items seem extremely inconsistent. However, I know that it is not uncommon for the quality of items that come in larger packaging (i.e. large palettes rather than singles or duos) to be poorer in many brands.
I will say that I know that you could go through these shadows more quickly than some other brands' shadows because I noticed that it just simply took more product to build up color. So, you may get less use out of these shadows, but you also paid less for them. There's always a trade off, yea?

If you've tried out other e.l.f. products, leave a comment and let me know what you thought of them - good or bad.

Anyhow, I hope you've enjoyed this jaunt of swatching. I know I'll be glad to get to move onto something new in the next post.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Beautiful colors! Thanks for the swatches Caitlin! :)


  2. I paid $3 for these mind you the older cover at oddlots


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