Monday, August 2, 2010

e.l.f.'s Beauty Book: Smoky Eye Edition

After taking a closer look at the 6 shadow palettes in my last post, I was left a bit nervous about the larger shadow books that I'd been so excited to get. So, I decided that I would bring you along with me as I checked out the quality (meaning more organized swatching, rather than random playing on my hand... ha!)

This time we're looking at the 'Smoky Eye' book. Below is a picture of the front cover and the inside flap which has a few tips about shadow placement for beginners (honestly, I haven't bothered to read through it.) But if you'd like to, just click on the picture to enlarge it, and the photo quality is clear enough to read the text.

And here's a look at the shadows.

The books retail for $5 and come with 12 shadows, a short black eyeliner (of fair quality, but not great), and a sponge-tip applicator. I've swatched them by row to make them easier to look at.

Row 1

This is the 'good' row in the palette. All of them do require a bit of building up, but they are very soft in comparison to the glittery shadows from the 6 shadow palettes (in a good way). And they have what I'll call 'good glitter', meaning that I don't see them causing excessive fallout like those others either. These would make a good foundation for a grey/silver smoky eye.

Row 2

This is the 'bad' row. All four are excessively chalky and, even with building, you don't get much out of them. While I do think the one on the far right could be very pretty, it requires a lot of work and would probably need a good primer or base to really use it.

Row 3

And this row is split! The two on the left aren't good at all - very chalky with very little color payoff. The two on the right are beautiful - probably my favorites of the entire palette. They are very pigmented, didn't require building up, and they have that 'good glitter'. The glitter in these two is more finely milled than in the other shadows, creating more of a shimmer effect rather than a glittery one.

Overall Thoughts

So 6 good and 6 bad. For $5, I think that's an alright deal.

I'm still undecided on how I feel about e.l.f. as a brand. So far they seem extremely inconsistent, but then I haven't tried a lot of products yet. I hope that as I work through the other books that I find the good quality shadows to be more commonplace than the bad ones.

I'll be sure to fill you all in as I learn more.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. We haven't got this one yet in ELF UK! Thanks for the review! :)



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