Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First Attempt at Nail Art

Just a little show and tell... the rest of my nail polish stuff came in yesterday, and I had to make some time to play with it. My first ever attempt at nail art!

Not amazing, but I like it! And I don't mind telling you I only did my thumb... This was strictly for playing purposes.

I put a top coat on just to see how it would take. It streaked a tiny bit, but you can only really see if you look extremely closely. Fun stuff.

Now time to go take it off so I don't have one random nail!


  1. I think it looks very pretty Caitlin! :)

  2. @Stavroula Thanks! I ended up giving in and purchasing those plates that you wrote about, so I completely blame this expenditure on you! haha
    Have you gotten to play with your plates yet???

  3. Hahaha!! Yep I'm guilty then!! ;) Do you like the plates? :) I haven't played with mine yet, I'm still trying to get myself together after coming back from vacation LOL! My future sister-in-law though played with hers and she loved the results! She even took the plates with her on vacation! ;)

  4. I played with them for awhile right when I got them but haven't had a lot of time since then.
    :( I think I'll have to do some more experimenting to see which of my polishes will work really well because some are too sheer to really show up.
    And when they say that you have to move fast, they're not kidding! Some of the polishes I tried out would dry in the plate before I was able to pick them up with the stamper! haha

  5. yeah I know lol, I had seen some tutorials on youtube, so when my future sister-in-law tried them I kept telling her "hurry up, hurry up!!" !! lol !


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