Friday, August 20, 2010

I Feel So Organized! - Nail Polish

If you follow me on twitter, you will have seen a tweet from me saying that I've cut myself off from buying nail polish and all things related to it. This is because over a couple of days I managed to do quite a bit of damage online... But the first of it arrived today, so I am extremely excited!!! Purchaser's guilt is a fickle thing, isn't it?

Although I'm not one to buy large amounts of polish at a time, it does seem to slowly accumulate to a jumbled mass. I've gone the 'gathering them on a pretty glass tray' route in the past but came to hate it because you couldn't really see what was there since they were on the same level. And, they would always overflow from the tray and end up in drawers/other rooms, and I would forget what I had (yes, a few duplicates have accidentally been purchased in the past).

But now I have a solution, so I thought I'd share with you!

I know this box doesn't look exciting, but don't judge a book by its cover, right? If you can't read the label on the side - it's a nail rack. Ok, maybe not that exciting... but it makes a huge difference!

It's only three separate pieces of plastic (very thick and strong), so minimal assembly is required. There are only two screw-nuts on either side, so all you will need is a Phillips head screwdriver (and I used pliars to hold the nuts in place, but you don't have to have these). Anyone can do this, I promise.

Easy, right?

After it's assembled, you'll have this:

Still pretty boring looking, but after you fill it up - you get this!

Is it silly that I get a little kick out of how uniform they look? The description for this says that it will hold 60 polishes (or 12 per row), but that completely depends on what polishes you put on it. I've found that one row will hold exactly 12 OPI polishes, but there is only enough room for 11 China Glaze (there is some room left over, but not enough for another CG). And then, if you have polishes with bottles that are thinner and can be turned sideways - you can get 16-18.

I find this thing to be so incredibly helpful because each row is a tad higher than the one before, so there is no problem seeing what polish is behind another. This is actually my second one of these. I've had the first one for a few months, and I truly love it. It's extremely sturdy, and I've had no sorts of problems with it whatsoever.

I ordered this from the site for $27.50. I know this seems pricey, but after doing a lot of searching, it seemed that I wouldn't be able to get a better deal on one of these racks. I also was drawn to this site over others because they allow you to use Paypal for payment (so I don't have to hand over my credit card info to a company I'm not familiar with).

This was my second time ordering from them, and both times they've provided extremely prompt shipping with very safe packaging. They also sell a lot of other nail supplies and tools (including discounted nail polish - you should check that out). I may do a few posts in the future of other things I've ordered from them.

And a note: on the front page of the site, there are things you can add to your cart for free depending on the total that you spend. Do not forget to do this! They will not remind you of it before you check out!!! I forgot to do it this last time -_- I didn't really want any of the free things, but still.... it was FREE! Lesson learned.

How do you organize your polishes?


  1. Awesome idea! Thx for sharing! Hugs,Ter

  2. I am on my way to that site..I may have to buy 2 but boy am I excited:)

  3. ct1980: Fantastic! I know they're a bit of an investment, but they've really made my life so much easier as far as being able to find the polishes I want and keeping them organized. Hope you love them, too!


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