Sunday, August 29, 2010

Maybelline's NY Fashion Week LE Eyeshadow Trios

I don't know about you, but when the words 'limited edition' get attached to any product, I feel the need to go check it out. I saw the display out for Maybelline's LE collection for Fashion Week at Walgreens a few days ago but was in a hurry so didn't pay it much mind - and I started kicking myself when I got home. Shouldn't I have at least looked? Geez. I tried finding swatches of them online, but didn't have much luck.

So I went on the hunt today to find them again, and yes, it was a hunt.

I went back to the Walgreens I'd originally seen them at - empty display case. Damn!
Went to a CVS - they didn't even have a display for them.
Drove to another Walgreens that's a bit farther away and... Jackpot. They had all three shadow trios left. And I ended up getting all three.

The taupe 'lid' color is pretty, but it's a pretty generic taupe - it wouldn't be difficult to find a similar shade. What makes this one is the 'crease' shade which is somewhere between charcoal and blue - I don't think I have any other shades that are quite like it.

This is my favorite of the three. The 'lid' shade is extremely pigmented. While I had to build most of the colors up a bit, the swatch of this shade is one swipe across my hand - one swipe! I also like the 'crease' shade because it is really nice for pale skin (like I have - so I'm biased in liking this one the most). It's dark enough to easily add depth to the crease or outer corner, but not dark enough to become stark.

This one I think could be done without. The shades are nice, but they all seem a bit generic and require building up. So, if you need some good grays for a smoky eye - go for it. But, if you already have a lot of grays in your collection, I'd go check through them first because there's a good chance you already have something similar.

The 'brown bone' shades

Contrary to how they look in the pictures, the three lightest shades all do have some pigment to them. They're just so close to my skin tone that they disappeared. And, in case you're wondering, they are all slightly different. I reswatched them all on my wrist where my skin is a bit lighter (yes, I get lighter) and could see the difference then, but my camera wouldn't pick it up.

For all intents and purposes, I think they'd all look the same in a look, but in case you're a stickler:
in Charming Cobalt: it's more orange
in Best in Brown: it's more gold
in Glamorous Grey: it's more champagne.

And a helpful hint

If you find the display rack, there should be a pad of tear off coupons for $1 off any Maybelline product - only one coupon per purchase. I grabbed three and, since there was no one else in line behind me, I asked the cashier if she'd run them through as three separate transactions, so I saved $3! If you're at Walgreens, and the main line is long, check if there's someone working the counter closer to the cosmetics - people don't tend to check out there, so there will be less (if any) of a line, and the cashier may be more inclined to do the same favor for you. If all else fails, you can just go through the line a few times!

Have you checked these shadows out? What did you think of them?

Thanks for reading!

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