Friday, August 6, 2010

NAKED for a Week

In an earlier post, I mentioned that I purchased Urban Decay's Naked palette from Sephora. Even though it figured out to a really good deal when you divide the cost among all the shadows, I still felt a bit guilty so I set myself a challenge to see how far I could stretch this thing.

The challenge: 7 days. 1 palette.

That's right. I wanted to see if I could use nothing but these shadows for 7 days without repeating a look. Did I do it?

(I've bolded everything that came from the palette.)

Day 1

Virgin along the lash line
Toasted on rest of lid and blended into crease
Revlon ColorStay liquid liner in Black Brown
Hustle over the liner and on lower lash line

Day 2

Toasted all over lid, blended into crease, and along lower lash line
Whiskey liner smudged on upper lash line

Day 3

Virgin all over lid
Gunmetal outer 3rd of lid, crease, and lower lash line
Zero liner upper lash line and upper tight line

Day 4

Virgin all over lid
Naked from crease almost to brown bone
Buck in crease and lower lash line
Studio Gear gel liner in Invincible Earth

Day 5

Virgin in inner corner
Half Baked on lid
Smog in crease
Naked used to blend out top of crease
Revlon ColorStay liquid liner in Black Brown
Creep smoked out outer edge of liner

Day 6

Sin inner half of lid
Sidecar outer half
Buck in crease
Hustle outer V
Whiskey liner upper lid, upper tight line, and lower outer edge

Day 7

Sin all over lid
Gumnetal blended over lid (avoiding inner corner) and into crease
Creep outer V
Studio Gear gen liner in Invincible Graphite

Mascara used on all of these days was the Great Lash Mascara in Brownish Black from Maybelline.
Purchase justified? I think so.
If you are a fan of neutral looks, I really do think this is a good investment.
Thanks for reading.

*All of these photos were taken with flash because it was the only way I could get the true color. However, this makes it (obviously) the true color with a bright light; so in real life, most of these looks appeared much more smoky.

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