Sunday, August 22, 2010

New Holy Grail Hand Cream - Massive Product Rave

So the other day I was walking around T.J.Maxx (just looking, I swear), and I heard a woman asking a sales associate if they had any more of a certain hand cream that she had found earlier and fallen in love with.  She'd actually made a bit of a trek to the store to find more of this, and while the store had quite a few other items from this particular brand, both she and the associate could find none of the elusive cream. So, after being told to check back in a few days when a new shipment was coming in, the poor woman left empty handed.

I had to go check out what products they did have from this magic brand and, low and behold, I found three of the hand cream she'd been looking for... Apparently it was out in a tube when she'd found it before; they didn't think to check what products were in all of those boxes on the shelf. Always check different packaging!

I almost wanted to take one of them to this poor woman, but had no idea which was her since I'd only heard her voice! Oh well.

So I picked up two - one for myself and one for mom (yes, I'm a nice daughter). If that woman thought it was worth all that hassle, it must be good, right?

Oh, yes it is.

It's the Mineral Hand Cream from AHAVA.

I'd heard of the brand a few times before, but I'd never tried any of their products because I hadn't heard much about it, and it's a tad pricier than what I normally go for.

But now I love it (and mom does, too). You only need two pea-sized dollops, and the results are lovely. It soaks in completely clean in seconds - no traces of a sticky or oily residue left - and my hands are silky smooth.

It does have a faint scent to it - think of anything called 'sea breeze' or 'ocean mist', and you'll be in the right scent family - but it's extremely light and smells very clean. I don't even think it would be enough to bother people who are sensitive to fragrance; I have to actually put my hands to my face to really notice it.

This 3.4 oz tube sells for $20 on AHAVA's site (you can get a 5 oz. bottle for the same price from Ulta); but if you'd like the chance to try it out for less, go look at your T.J. Maxx now. I found mine for $10.

I was so impressed with this that I went back to the store to see if that third one was still there, but someone else had grabbed it. I did pick up a few more items from the company, though, to try. I haven't tested them yet, but they all have the same clean scent.

Love love love this. Before, I would have said I would never  shell out $20 for a hand cream, but I can see myself doing that to replace this once mine runs out.

Do you have a holy grail hand moisturizer or are you still looking?

Thanks for reading.

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