Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Have You Heard About Those Things Called Coupons?

The question posed in the title may seem a silly one, but think about it. For all the people who know that coupons exist, how many of us actually use them? Until recently, I was not one of those people. Every now and then I might have thrown down a $1 off voucher for something; but really, who is going to break their neck going through coupons to save $1 here and there? At least that's how I thought it worked.

Recently, though, I have been exposed to people who have huge command over the art of couponing. There actually seem to be some who never pay full price for anything. Hmmm, I thought, I like getting new things, but I also hate parting with my money. Maybe I should give this a try?

So, after signing up for a Rite Aid rewards card (you don't get the specials if you don't have one) and studying the art of coupon stacking (yes, I'm pretty sure it's an art form), I tried my hand at it. I planned, I monitored my total as I went, I chose products with purpose... Apparently this process takes some skill that I haven't honed yet, so this took awhile.

I went to the counter thinking, There's no way this worked out. I probably only saved a few bucks for my troubles.

I ended up paying $21 for $51 worth of stuff... I went over my receipt at least three times thinking I must have added the total before coupons and sales incorrectly. Nope.

In my mind, being able to do this opens room for two new possibilities:
 1) I will be able to try the same number of new items for a lower total expenditure than I would have without the coupons.
 2) I will be able to try more new items with the same expenditure I would have without the coupons.

Somehow I feel that I am more likely to lean towards option two...

While I know there are coupons for pretty much anything and everything, I think I will be sticking to the realm of drugstore beauty products. I don't think I'm prepared to handle one of the massive filing systems that some people have that cover everything - and I do mean everything.

I think there might be something to this whole coupon thing.


  1. Wow $21 instead of $51?? :) I wish we had coupons like that in Greece, our coupons and sales SUCK!

  2. Oh btw I LOOOOOOOVE the new template!!! Meowwwww!!! lol !

  3. @Stavroula I was really amazed I managed to save that much, too! I wonder if there's beginner's luck in couponing :/

    And thank you!!! It took me so long to make a banner and background that I was happy with and have been waiting for someone to comment on it! haha. I even made a twitter background to match :P That's why I wasn't posting for awhile - all 'blog time' was devoted to trying to get this thing personalized!

  4. I love purple and kitties, so... meowwwww!!!! :D good job! ;)

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  6. Yes, my dear. Coupons are the BUSINESS! I just posted a Coupon Master Class vid on my YouTube channel. Email me if you want the link.


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