Monday, September 13, 2010

Zombie Zest - My "Ugly, Green" Nail Polish

Ok, kids. Time for a fun, short little back story on me.

The high school I went to had a relatively strict dress code. As far as tops for girls, we could have no: tank tops, sleeveless tops, V-necks, or t-shirts and nothing with words, photos, or designs on them. Sounds simple enough, right? But it was surprisingly difficult to find shirts that matched all of these criteria that were also affordable at the time - because obviously this doesn't describe the type of top a teen girl would want to wear, so none of us wanted to break the bank for them. This meant that when you found one that fit within the rules and was cheap, you got it in every color.

One of my school-approved 'collections' came from Target, and I did, indeed, purchase every color they had - including one that was a horrible shade of yellowed green. It was a truly horrid color, reminiscent of the juice that will ooze from rotting vegetables (graphic, aren't I?).

I deemed this my "ugly, green shirt", and that became what it was known as among my friends and I. As ugly as the color was, I actually grew to really love that shirt. It was as if that color was so incredibly awful that it actually became interesting. That top has long since worn to nothing and been discarded, but I still remember my ugly, green shirt from high school.

So why this trip down memory lane? Because I now have an ugly, green nail polish.

This is Zombie Zest from China Glaze's Awakening Collection for Halloween 2010. The color of this, in my opinion, is also extremely ugly; but I feel like it's bad enough to actually pass into interesting - just like my shirt.

It took me 3 coats to get this, but if you are very good at getting even coverage on each coat, I think you could get away with two. I couldn't get a picture to show this well, but this polish is basically pure glitter once you get solid coverage. Rather than appearing a dark green polish with yellow-green shimmers, this shows up more like a rotten green disco ball that then appears a dark, murky green when in shadow. In natural sunlight (as in the photo), it looks slightly more yellow than it does in the bottle; but in indirect light, it appears close to the same shade

One thing that really surprised me about this polish was that despite all of the glitter in it, the polish dried smoothly. While some polishes that have strong glitter require a top coat to smooth the surface out; this one doesn't, so you wouldn't have to use one to avoid that gritty feel if you didn't feel like it or have time to.

I think I like it!
So what do you think of this ugly, green polish? Think it's interesting? Something you would wear? Or just ugly? Let me know!

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Hehehehe you're so funny! :) I don't think I would wear a color like this, but it looks nice on you! :)


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