Wednesday, October 6, 2010

China Glaze's Mummy May I - No, You May Not...

I've mentioned before how excited I get about Halloween themed products, so you know that I picked up China Glaze's three Halloween polishes (the Awakening collection) at the first chance I had! I've already tried, loved, and posted about Zombie Zest, and I've finally gotten around to trying the next.

This is Mummy May I.

Honestly, I believed that this would be my favorite when I ordered them. I love purple, so how could I go wrong with this? Let's find out...

Somehow this manages to look pretty in the bottle, but lackluster on the nail.  I know it may be difficult to see what I'm talking about from this photo, so let's take a closer look.

I only applied 2 coats to get this coverage, but it looks like I did multiple uneven coats! You can best see this if you look at the nail to the right in the photo and notice the reflected light - the edges are jagged because the surface isn't smooth (and this is after a generous top coat). The reason for this issue is that the glitter particles are entirely too big, creating a lumpy effect. Not pretty. But beyond that, this just looks... wrong.

I think for this polish to have looked good, one of two things would need to change:
 1 the base color of the polish should have been lighter - closer to the shade of the glitter
 2 the glitter should have been finer and there should have been more of it.

There isn't a good balance of light and dark, so the glitters look random and messy (and don't forget the lumpy). To make matters worse, the glitter kept clumping in the brush so I had a difficult time making smooth edge lines.

All in all, I am not at all impressed with this product. I honestly don't think I've ever been this disappointed in a nail polish before (though to be fair, I may have built it up too far in the beginning since I so love purple). Don't like it. Don't reccomend it. End of story.

Have you ever been utterly dissapointed by a polish?

Thanks for reading.


 I've just realized that I was so concerned with making sure that the color in the photos was accurate, that I didn't notice that the texture of the polish wasn't shown well. I think the bright lights I use to capture the color ended up visually smoothing out the finish a bit. So to add to the post -

The color in this photo isn't quite accurate, but this does better show the lumpy texture I referred to.

Hope this addition was helpful!


  1. Love the new Halloweenie header!

  2. Awwwwww gorgeous color!!! Meowwwww trick or treat!

  3. @Ter Thank you!!! :)

    @Stavroula I'm glad somebody likes it because for me it was just a huge pain :( I'm hoping that not everyone who gets it is dissapointed like me.


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