Saturday, October 2, 2010

Drugstore Dupe for Stila's Kitten

In my previous post, I mentioned that there's a dupe to a pretty big name shadow hiding in Wet n Wild's Walking on Eggshells trio - and here it is.

Kitten to Stila is what All That Glitters is to MAC. It's that color that most girls associate with the brand and has been deemed as a 'must-have' from them. Well, I've already given you an All That Glitters dupe, so here's the Kitten one!

While the other two shades in the trio are also pretty, the one we're interested in is the 'eyelid' shade. That's Kitten in pan form sitting on the WnW trio. I know that Kitten looks a bit more shimmery in the pan, but look what happens when applied.

 (left) Kitten and (right) WnW eyelid shade 

Here are the swatches in natural light. I tried to catch as little direct light as possible so you could better see the actual colors next to each other. But how do the finishes compare?

Here they are in more direct light. Pretty similar, yea?

More good news is that both of these swatches only required one swipe of the product; no building up was necessary and, as always, no primer was used for either of these.

So with the Stila single shadow coming in at $18 and the Wet n Wild trio being only around $2, this is definitely a good (and economical!) dupe to check out!

Thanks for reading.

Let me know if you pick this up!


  1. Omg they look exactly the same!!!

  2. @Stavroula Isn't it amazing how similar some inexpensive products are to the pricey ones??? Sometimes it makes me feel silly for having some of the expensive items... but then I guess I wouldn't have really known they were dupes if I hadn't had both. haha

  3. You could have checked it out online like me! Hehe! ;)

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