Friday, October 8, 2010

Purple Glitter Polish - Attempt No. 2

If you liked the idea of China Glaze's Mummy May I, but didn't love the final effect it gave (like me), I found a drugstore polish in my collection that might better fit the bill.

This is Night Prowl from Wet n Wild.

If you read my post on Mummy May I, you'll know that my biggest complaints with it were that the glitters were too large and there weren't enough of them which made it appear splotchy. Night Prowl addresses both of these problems.

To better compare them -

The biggest differences between the two are that the glitters in Mummy May I have a slightly more pink tone and Night Prowl just plain has more glitter, but they still give very similar effects.

One of my issues with Mummy was that the size of the glitters made it impossible to make a smooth surface (even with the use of a top coat). Night Prowl has a similar issue, but it is not nearly as bad because the particles are quite a bit smaller, and they can be almost completely smoothed over with a top coat.

This still isn't my favorite polish, I don't love the effect of purple glitter in a dark base as much as I thought I would, but it is a nice color for the Halloween season (yes, it's a season in my mind). So if you're looking for a color like this, I think the Wet n Wild one is a better bet; especially since, in addition to a nicer overall effect, it only runs for around $1 while the China Glaze costs about $6.50.

Thoughts? Do you think this one looks better than the China Glaze one? Let me know!

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