Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Quick Take: Stila's Blockbuster Color Palette - Don't Waste Your Time

Now I know what you're probably thinking...Do you mean Sephora's Blockbuster Palette?


A few days ago, I saw this palette at Costco for only around $20. That looked like a good deal, but I'd never heard of a palette like this being released from Stila before. They still had quite a few of them in stock, so I thought I'd go home and do a bit of research before shelling out for it.

Went home, looked high and low online, and couldn't find anything on this palette - not even a mere mention! What the heck? Is this a Costco exclusive? That doesn't sound right, but how can I explain it not being anywhere else?

Anyhow, I decided to give it a blind shot anyway. Costco has an excellent return policy on everything (even if something has been opened) so I really had nothing to lose. So, $20 poorer, I walked out of the store thinking I might have found something fun to play with. And, if these were true Stila quality, they'd be excellent and a steal at that price.

Ah, well. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is, right?

What drew me in were the shadows - all 30 of them. It also came with 15 lip colors (the last three columns in the photo), but I could easily do without those. At first glance, the only issue I had with this was that the lip colors were right next to the shadows. I'm not a fan of glosses (or any cream products) being next to powders because, inevitably, the powder will get in the cream and be a mess. However, at this point I chock this up as an expected evil in palettes this size.

But the really bad news is that the shadows just aren't good. They're all dry formulations - not smooth and creamy like Stila singles. They don't even have the trademark sheen of a Stila shadow. To be fair, they're not completely unusable; all of them can be built up to look pretty, but why bother? They would require quite a bit of work, and you could get better quality at the drugstore.

Some of the lip colors are pretty, but they are all extremely sheer, and I really believe that the powder will make a mess of them.

The quality of the blushes and bronzer aren't any better. All of them are dry and powdery, and the two larger ones on the left have a strong orange undertone that my camera wouldn't fully capture. There's no way those shades would work well on me (and honestly, I don't think they'd work well on most).

I'll be taking this thing back tomorrow.

If you happen to see this in the store, I'd suggest you just keep going past it and not waste your time.

Thanks for reading.


  1. the palette looks great! sadly to hear you'll return it :(

  2. @Jennifer yea. it does look good, but like I said in the post, the quality of everything is mediocre. There's no sense in keeping something if it doesn't perfom well, right? :)

  3. I'm really wondering if this is a fake. I just saw one on ebay and I was like "that looks a little too cheap to be from stila."

  4. @Anita Rose
    If I had only seen this on ebay, I probably would've had the same fear. But I trust Costco; they work with the manufacturers of the products they sell, so this would have come from Stila directly. I've also experienced shoddy quality in Stila's shadows before through their recent Around the World travel palettes (I wrote a review on them awhile back), so I wasn't completely surprised about it.
    I really only felt safe taking a chance on it since I knew I could return it (and it definitely got returned!). But I do fully believe that this is from Stila.
    Thanks for the comment :)

  5. I have the same product,was gifted by someone.
    I don't like the shadows as they are powdery and have less pigment. The colors don't come out that well.
    Blushes and bronzer are extremely powdery and the granules scatter all over while trying to smudge with brush.
    P.S. not worth buying. Sheer waste of money

  6. hello! i have the same palette and im in love with one lip color but I dont know the name of it. Do you know the name of the lip color right next to the orange lip color? The one in the middle of the orange and red one.

    Thank you! Nice review


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