Saturday, October 30, 2010

Some Goodies to Look for at Walgreens

Hey everyone,

I visited Walgreens yesterday while still on my search for Wet n Wild's Christmas palettes and had no luck, but I did find some nice little deals that I wanted to let you know about.

- All of their Rimmel shadows were reduced in the display case (not in a separate clearance section). The quads were marked as $3.19 (normally around $5.29) and the trios were down to $2 and change. (Sorry I can't remember the exact price, but I didn't purchase on so I can't check my receipt for it). I've never actually tried Rimmel's shadows, so I picked up the quad in Smokey Brun because I've heard good things about it specifically.

- More exciting was that all of L'oreal's HIP Kohl Eyeliners were marked down to $6.19 (normally around $13), also still in their normal display. If you're not sure what product I'm referring to, click here. To make it better, L'oreal is BOGO 1/2 off right now, so you can 2 for $9.29 - 2 for less than the price of 1 (but the sales will change tomorrow, so get going if you want in on that).
 I already own one in black and, while I don't use it very often, it is really good for tight lining when you want a really smoky effect. I picked up burgundy and brown this time.

Both of these deals were marked as they do for products that are being discontinued, so it's not a typical sale like those marked in the circulars. This means that you'll have to actually go to your Walgreens (or call) to see if they have these deals going there. I'm not really sure how these sales work, so I can't with full confidence say that this will be at every store, but I think it should be.

Hope this helps out!

*I had to get the 'normal' prices from because I didn't note them in the store and they're not marked on my receipt.

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