Friday, October 1, 2010

Wet n Wild Drugstore Deal This Week

This will be a really quick post, but I wanted to make sure you all know about a deal going on this week while you still have time to take advantage. Through this coming Saturday (Oct 2), Walgreens has all of its WnW products 50% off; so if there have been any items you've been curious about from them, now is the time to go snatch them up.

In addition to the in-store sale, I also had a $5 of a $10 WnW purchase coupon that was burning a hole in my bag, so this was the best opportunity I was going to get to use it. It came from last month's issue of All You magazine; it's available at Wal Mart and full of coupons (one of those little nuggets of info I learned from couponing bloggers).

So on to the stuff. Here's what I got:

Products in the photo:
 Polishes: Rustic, Night Prowl, Orange
 Singles: Lagoon, Kitten, Sugar
  Nutty, Envy, Penny
 6 shadow palette: Pride

Keep in mind that to use the coupon, there had to be $10 worth of WnW product post store discount, so it actually had to be $20 worth. I actually had to fudge my purchases a bit and ended up picking up some things I wouldn't have otherwise just to get it up to $10 (I wouldn't have gotten all three polishes on my own, but we'll see how they go).

My pre-sale price was $22; down to $11 after 50% off, then $6 after my coupon. Total savings of $16. Pretty good, huh? At full price, I could have only gotten the 6 shadow palette and one of the singles!

Even if you don't have that coupon, this is still a good deal to check out. I know that WnW items aren't very expensive, but the savings really can add up - especially if there are multiple things you're interested in.

Need a shopping suggestion? Take a look at the 6 shadow palettes and the trio in Walking on Eggshells (I already owned the other 3 palettes and that trio so they're not in the photo). I suggest this trio specifically because there is a pretty big-name dupe in there that I'll be filling you all in on later.

Let me know if you get anything during this special!

Thanks for reading.


  1. What a great deal!! Can you please adopt me, so that I can buy all that great stuff? lol

  2. OMG, LOVE the new layout!!!!

    I didn't go to crazy at this sale. I got a lot of stuff on the last BOGO fre WnW sale CVS had. Great goodies:)

  3. @Ter Thanks! :) Since I'm still semi-new to the coupon thing, I still get really excited when I see how much I saved!

    @Stavroula Come on over! haha. You can be my adopted sister :)

    @BudgetBeautyGoddess Thanks! I'm so glad to see that people are liking the new background and all. I worked really hard on it to get something I was happy with :)
    This was the first WnW sale I've caught, so I went at it big!


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