Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Wet n Wild Eye of the Day

Hi, all.

Since I've been doing so many WnW product posts and I've had it on the brain lately (I'll tell you why at the end), I decided to see if I could do a look using only their eyeshadows and be happy with it. Here's what I got -

Pretty neutral but just a tad smokey. But, please note that I had to use a bright light to get accurate color on my camera, but this also made the look less dark overall i.e. this is exactly what the colors look like with a bright light on them. I applied this at around 8 this morning, and I took the photo at 10 this evening - no touch ups.

What I used

*palette on the left is Greed
*palette on the right is Vanity

1. single in Sugar as an inner corner highlight
2. light, matte cream shade as brow highlight
3. single in Nutty all over lid
4. shimmery brown lightly blended into crease and on lower lash line
5. dark matte brown in outer corner
6. matte black pressed into upper lash line to soften eyeliner edge

I used Revlon's ColorStay eyeliner in Black Brown on the upper lash line.
Mascara was Maybelline's Great Lash Big.
I also used Urban Decay's Primer Potion but forgot to include it in the picture.

If you wanted to do this look but didn't want to purchase the Greed palette just for that black, you could easily substitute the dark matte brown for it (5) and get a similar effect.

Now to why I've got Wet n Wild on the brain...

Have you seen all the photos online of the LE palettes that they are releasing for Christmas? Yes?
Have you actually managed to find them in a store? No?

Me neither!

I keep seeing other people post that they've popped up in stores near them, but I haven't been able to find them anywhere! I've been checking my drugstores every few days for a couple of weeks now and nothing... frustrating! haha

The last check was actually today. I went to three Walgreens (where I've heard they've been popping up most recently) and a Rite Aid with no luck.

It's a safe bet that as soon as I find these, I will be grabbing up all four of them - and of course be rejoicing about the end of the search on here and Twitter.

Have you all seen these? Purchased these? If yes, I am jealous!


  1. You're going to love the LE Golden Goddess palette! I love all 4 of them...hope you can find them soon too :)

  2. @Ter I just wish I could find them already! I've spent so much time looking! haha. Hopefully they'll be worth all this time, huh?

  3. I loooove the look and your eyes are SO pretty!! :)


  4. @Stavroula Thanks, hun! You're too sweet :)


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