Monday, October 18, 2010

Wet n Wild's ColorIcon Palette in: Greed

Finally! Three down and only one to go.

This is Greed - the fourth of Wet n Wild's ColorIcon palettes in the permanent collection; and I have to tell you - I left the worst for last.

This was the one that I had the highest hopes for and the one that let me down the most.

Although most of the shades in these palettes are pretty, I was most excited about the two lighter shimmer shades in this one (upper two on the right in the above photo). Not only were these very pretty, but they were different.from what you normally see in the drugstore. The top shade had just a touch of lilac to make it more interesting than a typical grey, and the other had enough peach to make it special but not enough to make it brash.

These were the two that let me down.

*no primer was used for these swatches*

No matter how hard I tried to pick those two shades up, they simply refused to transfer well. Thee swatches of those two shades represent four or five times digging into the pan and trying to press it into my hand - and they're still not good. Out of desperation, I even tried to press them into a cream base, and they fared no better. Utter disappointments.

Without those two shades, I don't think there is anything that makes this palette very special.

However, if you are in need of good dark shades, both the matte black and shimmer charcoal grey do very nicely.

I'm not a big fan of the matte peachy shade, but I may be biased based on my skin tone. It's possible that it would look lovely on someone with warmer undertones, but I can't see it being a go-to, everyday shade for anyone.

The matte light cream shade is very nice, but it is almost identical to the one in the Vanity palette, so I think most would be better off getting that one instead if you are only interested in that particular shade.

So, of the four, this is the only one that I really can't recommend, but I have complete faith that anyone would be happy with the quality of the shadows in the other three. Unless you are after the two dark shades, pass on this palette.

Thanks for reading.

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There is always the chance that I happened to get a bad palette, so if you have this one and didn't have an issue with those two shades - let me know!

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