Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wet n Wild's ColorIcon Palette in: Lust

This is Lust - one of Wet n Wild’s ColorIcon palettes from their permanent line.

In case you aren’t familiar with these, they cost about $5 at drugstores, and what sets them apart from many other drugstore palettes is that half of the shadows are shimmer while the others are matte.

I am a big fan of using both shimmers and mattes in one look; it creates a nice balance – not too flat nor too ‘disco ball’.

ColorIcon Palette in Lust

*no primer was used for these swatches*

These are excellent colors if you are a fan of both smokey grey looks and purples - a color I think looks lovely on every eye color.

All six of these shades are nicely pigmented and are surprisingly smooth for drugstore shadows.

It is well worth the price if you are drawn to the shades.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. I am loving WnW eyeshadows ...they've really stepped their game! I have singles, trios, all 4 of these palettes,all 4 holiday palettes, 2 of the I-Sparkle ones & a Halloween one. They're not just great for the price...they are just plain great! Great post XO

  2. @Ter I am still looking for those holiday ones! I haven't seen them anywhere. I'll probably have to wait until the Halloween stuff clears out for them to show up.

  3. Yes,I'm sure they'll be out then. Did I tell you they are all shimmers?

  4. I haven't seen the holiday ones either. These are also dupes for a lot of the colors that just came out in that MAC "Feline" collection.

  5. @Ter I had no idea they were all shimmer. I had just assumed they'd be half and half like the others are.

    @BudgetBeautyGoddess I've been on the look out for these things for about a month. I wish they'd show up already! I didn't know about the Feline dupes. I don't pay much attention to MAC's LE collections; I just find them frustrating. haha. But it's nice to know :)


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