Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wet n Wild's ColorIcon palette in: Pride

This is Pride- another one of Wet n Wild’s ColorIcon palettes.

As I've mentioned before, these palettes run for about $5 at drugstores, and what sets them apart from most other drugstore palettes is that they are comprised of both shimmer and matte shades.

Out of the 4 palettes from their permanent line, I think this is my least favorite - not because they are bad quality, but because I am not the biggest fan of blues... but I will still be objective!

*no primer was used for these swatches*

Like the other two of the these palettes that I've reviewed, these shadows have nice pigmentation and a smooth texture - although I will say that the glittery white applies sheerly (though smoothly) and is more about the glitter than the white. However, due to the texture of it, I think it was meant to be this way rather than being poor quality.

Since I am not a huge fan of these colors, this is the only one of these palettes that I didn't purchase until I found it on sale.

Now that I have it though, I think I am happy that it's in my collection. In case I ever want to play with shades like these, I am happy to have gotten them this way - multiple shades at a good price.

Even if you do pay the full $5 for this palette though, this is still a good deal.

I will say that I think that the blues and greens could be really pretty as lower liner if you want just a touch of color to your look without making it too bright.

Have you tried this one out? What do you think of the colors?

Thanks for reading.

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  1. This is my least fave of the 4 also. But not because of the blues...because of the greens! I've never worn green e/s! I hate the color. I should try it sometime though. I'd wear blue before green! Lol

  2. LOL! This one always makes me laugh because these were my high school colors!

    So sorry about your cat, we lost our Tracy of 21 years last summer. The pain does ease in time.

  3. @Ter I love greens! But only for a tiny bit of color - never for an all-over look. But then I do have green eyes, so I think it brings out their color. I can't really pull off blues as well.

    @BudgetBeautyGoddess That's awesome! If you ever go back to visit, you should wear these for school spirit! lol

    And thanks for the support. I've lost quite a few pets in my life, so it's not a new experience, but it never really gets easier to go through, does it? But I'll be alright. Sorry to hear about your loss as well :( At least Tracy lived a nice, long life. That's something to be proud of and cherish.


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