Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wet n Wild's Holiday Palette in Golden Goddess

Ok, ladies. You knew this would happen. I couldn't let much time pass between finding these things and starting to swatch, so here we go!

I decided to begin with Golden Goddess - the most neutral of the 4 holiday palettes, though still far from a true neutral.

Unlike the ColorIcon palettes from the permanent line which are divided between shimmers and mattes, these Christmas ones are all shimmer and glimmer. No mattes here, kids. Part of me loves all the shimmery goodness, but the other part is a bit sad to see the lack of mattes since that's a big part of why I love the others so much.

All 6 of these shadows are quite soft - no dry or poorly pigmented shades here. And, as always, these swatches were done with no primer or base, so they would perform even better with a little help. But, you can see that they still do very well on their own, although I will say that they don't seem quite as smooth as some of those in the permanent line.

The only shade that hasn't been done full justice in the photos is the right shade in the top swatch photo. It has much more tightly packed shimmer to it than the camera picked up, but it really shows up when the swatch is moved around in the light. Gorgeous!

This set also comes with a small golden brown eyeliner with gold flecks that is surprisingly smooth.

My only warning about this palette is that, as you can see, it is quite warm in tone; so, for those of us with cooler toned skin, it will require a more careful hand. It's very easy for shades with lots of orange to come across looking harsh on cooler skin. However, if you have warm toned skin, dive in! You'll look gorgeous in these shades.

What do you think of these shades? Love it? Leave it?


  1. omg these swatches are so lovely :( sadly i'm not in the US so i can't get my hands on wet 'n' wild :(

  2. I arranged a CP with a lovely blogger from the USA and this palette is among the things I asked her to get me! Woohooooo!!!! :)


  3. @Jennifer I'm sorry :( I never understand how brands that have a strong customer base in one country don't expand more into others to broaden their customer base. I know I always get a bit jealous when I hear about Barry M products since I can't get my hands on them here.

    @Stavroula Fantastic! Will this be your first experience with Wet n Wild products?

  4. Yes!! :) I received the palettes and I'm really impressed!! :) I've only used Vanity palette so far :) ♥



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