Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Why Am I Drawn to a Bad Product???

Rather than talking about a specific product, I want to chat with you about a pattern of behavior that I'm wondering if others of you have experienced.

About a month and a half ago, I wrote a post about how excited I had been about Stila's Around the World themed travel palettes and how much they had let me down (if you missed it, check it out here). I wanted to love them because I love Stila's convertible colors, and I hated the palettes because the CCs in them quickly began to dry up; and yes, they've continued getting worse since I wrote that post.

So what's the issue? Now that two more of these travel palettes have been released, I find myself wanting them. What the heck??? I know the quality is sub-part. I know that they're not worth the money, and I know that I won't end up purchasing them (at least I'm not bad enough to purchase them!).

But I'm left wondering - why am I looking at them at all? Have you ever found yourself drawn to a product, for whatever reason, even if you knew it wasn't worth the money? If so, tell me aboutI don't feel so silly!

I've been trying to use the CCs in the two palettes that I do have a lot so I get as much out of them as possible before they dry up beyond use, but I know they won't be around very long compared to the real convertible colors. Even $10 is too much for something with such a short shelf life. To add insult to injury, I realized that the amount I paid for these two 'good deal' palettes would have almost covered the cost of one of the full-sized convertible colors from the permanent line that will last well for months. Ugh.

Anyone else had experience with this feeling?


  1. Maybe it's because you like the colors! I think I would look at the new palettes too, but I wouldn't buy them! I still look at Revlon PhotoReady Foundation, although I know it will make my oily skin look like an oil slick and I will never buy it! lol


  2. Hmmmm I don't know. I DO know I spent $49 on TooFaced Enchanted Glamourland because I loved the packaging. I had no idea what products were in it. Who knows why we women buy or want what we do...xoxo


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