Saturday, December 4, 2010

China Glaze's Holiday Collection

It's December, so it's finally time to break out the Christmas polishes! This year, China Glaze's Holiday Collection really pulled me in, so I picked up quite a few of them.

Cheers to You and Little Drummer Boy

Naughty and Nice and Phat Santa

Party Hearty and Mistletoe Kisses

Jolly Holly and Peace on Earth

Even though the main colors in this collection are pretty typical Christmas fare (Why hello, reds and greens, haven't we met before?) some of the particular shades are pretty unique.  I've never seen greens quite like Peace on Earth and Mistletoe Kisses. And can we just give an appropriate moment of awe for Party Hearty? It's basically confetti in a jar and would look gorgeous on top of almost anything for this season.

I'm so excited to start wearing these!

Have a favorite? I haven't decided which one to try first! Suggestions?

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