Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Rediscovered - Coastal Scents' Shadow in Frenzy

I had a revelation the other day - I have a lot of makeup...

No, it's not exactly a new one, I actually have this epiphany every couple of months. However, this particular time made me want to make more of a point to explore the things in my collection - really dig to the back of drawers and possibly find hidden gems (especially good since it'd be a gem I've already paid for!)

Well the plan has worked, and I've already rediscovered a really beautiful product that I'd almost forgotten about.

Most of you probably already know the name Coastal Scents for their large shadow palettes (ones that you can also buy on ebay for less even when including shipping), but did you know they sell lots of other things?

Back when CS was the big thing on youtube, I decided to put in an order of some of their other products that weren't being discussed much - just out of curiosity. One of these items was the loose shadow in Frenzy.

Frenzy isn't an overly exciting shade. It's a shimmery champagney neutral similar to the likes of MAC's All That Glitters and Stila's Kitten. Let's be honest, that's how I like them!

Beyond being a beautiful color, the real reason I love this shadow is its ease of use. Some loose shadows can be terribly difficult to work with. Whether this is due to the particles being too large leading to excessive fallout or a refusal to stick, I have no patience for a shadow that doesn't deliver - I own too many shadows that are good to deal with it.

Frenzy doesn't give me any issues. The particles are very finely milled, leaving the shadow extremely soft and smooth and leading to very little fallout when used correctly. It also has loads of finely milled shimmer throughout that gives a lovely glimmery effcct, and it has a very nice light gold sheen when direct light hits it.

A little bit also goes a long way. This little jar will last me a very long time.

In all, I am really loving this shadow and am so glad I rediscovered it. Being so pigmented and easy to use, this will make an excellent product when I need to get my makeup done quickly.

If you're making an order with Coastal Scents, I would definitely suggest looking into this shade!


  1. I *love* rediscovering old products! I just did that myself not too long ago and it was like, "Wow, did I ever manage to forget about this one?". Thanks for sharing. :) xo

  2. @G.
    Isn't it the best? And thank you so much for commenting! I'm so thrilled to know that you looked at one of my posts since I'm such a fan of your blog! Stop by any time ;)


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