Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Removing Glittery Nail Polish

As much as I love the look of glittery polish, I often avoid wearing it because it's a pain and a half to remove.

You know what I'm talking about - lots of time spent with cotton balls and polish remover rubbing and rubbing with little result to show for it. I'll admit that I often resort to peeling it off, but this is a poor solution because thin layers of your nails will peel up with the polish leaving nails weakened

I've seen people talk about a removal method using tin foil before but had never seriously considered trying it until I started trying to remove Party Hearty (shown in my last post). With its huge chunks of glitter, I knew it would be loads of fun trying to remove that stuff.

So I decided to give the method a go.

To do this, you will need:
 - 10 cotton balls
 - tin foil torn into 10 large squares (mine were approx. 3x3 inches). I suggest tearing all of these before you get started.
 - nail polish remover
 - paper towel (my addition)
 What to do
 - put some remover on a cotton ball
 - place cotton ball on one of your nails so that the saturated part covers the entire nail bed
 - create a 'sleeve' by putting the tip of the finger into the center of a foil square, then squeeze the foil around the finger so that it holds the cotton ball in place
 - and wait.

The size of the foil square isn't critical - it just has to be large enough to securely hold the cotton in place.

After you've made the sleeve, you can squeeze it to shape securely to your finger, but know that some remover may seep out - this is where the paper towel (or towel, napkin, etc) comes in handy. I got tired of constantly getting the remover all over my hands, so I put the paper towel around my finger before I shaped the foil so that excess remover would be absorbed.

I've seen some people who have used pure acetone say they only had to wait 4 or 5 minutes for the polish to be completely removed. I, however, used non-acetone remover, and had to wait closer to 30 minutes.

When you think your nails are done, press the foil against the nail and twist as you pull the foil off. As you remove it, I'd suggest  not squeezing it so hard that you lose the shape of the'sleeve'. That way, if you remove your finger to find that polish is still there, you'll be able to simply put your finger back into the foil. Just make sure the cotton is still over the nail!

After I pulled off my foil, I was left with this -

A small tinge of red still left over, but the polish is mostly all gone. Quickly going over my nails with a new, soaked cotton ball was enough to remove it.

Granted that the process still took quite awhile, but it only took a few minutes to set up all the foil sleeves, and then I just got to sit back and wait. A good alternative to the old methods I think.

Hope this helps some of you.

Let me know if you try it out!


  1. Great post! I will definitely try this because I love my glitter polishes but they can be a bitch to remove! x

  2. @Liparazzi No joke! This isn't a perfect solution, but it's still so much better than the endless scrubbing alternative.


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