Thursday, December 23, 2010

Snowflake Nails

In the spirit of the holidays, I decided to try something a bit more complicated with my nails (at least complicated for me). And here's what I came up with.

 In case you can't tell from the photo, those are silver snowflakes on top of the blue! Festive, aren't I? I used some stamping plates that I learned about from another excellent blogger, Stavroula, a few months ago.

The blue polish is Little Drummer Boy from China Glaze's Christmas collection and the silver is Silver Mercedes from Pure Ice - a brand you can find at WalMart for about $2 per bottle.

Both polishes only required one coat on the base colors which is what made me think they might do well for stamping. Drummer Boy didn't stamp as well as I'd hoped, leaving some sparse areas. But the silver - Wow!

This polish does amazingly well for stamping. Something I didn't know about stamping until I actually tried to do it is that not all polishes stamp well. Many of them aren't dense enough in one coat to make a clean image, and a light color that will stamp cleanly on a dark base is difficult to find. But this one did beautifully.

I've only tried a few other shades from Pure Ice, and I can definitely tell you that not all of their polishes are good for this, but SM is great if you want a silver stamping shade for a good price.

Hope you all like it!

Have you tried out nail stamping before? Any suggestions for other polishes that work well?


  1. I just LOVE your blog!! thanks a ton for the detailed info.

  2. @Vanilla That's so sweet of you to say and really means the world to me. So glad you're enjoying my posts.:)


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