Monday, December 6, 2010

"They Just Emanate, like, Radiate Health..."

You may think the title sounds like an ad line for some new skincare product promising to bring life and glow to your skin. You'd be wrong.

This a line spoken from hand model Ellen Sirot in an interview with Katie Couric talking about her hands. Although the interview dates back to 2008, it somehow started getting a lot of attention earlier this week, leading to it being featured on major sites such as yahoo (where I found it) along with some people's opinions on the model's performance.

If you haven't seen the interview yet, take a look here.

The Yahoo article on this is titled Interview With 'Creepy' Hand Model Takes Internet by Storm. The third word is pretty representative of how most sources are evaluating this and, to be honest, that's the first reaction I had as well.

The woman seems quite engrossed in herself, can't seem to hold still, and her hands communicate with more eloquence than her words - although it was quick, I felt her reaction at around 2:16 when she manages to stop looking at her own hands and check Katie Couric's modeling attempt was a tad rude (maybe more than a tad).

But I started thinking about it, and why is this creepy? Because it's not normal, right? It is not normal to have so much adoration for ourselves. Wait...that sounds a bit sad, doesn't it? Save for her seeming lack of empathy and social graces, I am actually jealous of her.

I wish I held myself, any part of myself in as high esteem as she holds her hands (I did a youtube search on her, and she's also quite fond of her feet - and she models them, too). Although I would be happy to never get to the point where I looked at said part with the same adoration that would be given to a significant other (that was creepy) I would love to be able to see perfection somewhere in myself.

And now I'd love to know what you ladies think about this interview. Creepy? Yes? No?

And do you have something about yourself that you absolutely love? (Don't worry, I won't think you're creepy).

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