Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Aquisitions of the Day

It seemed like it worked pretty well last time, so let's keep testing out 'acquisitions'. ; )

A bit of shopping was done this evening at the bookstore and Walgreens, so I thought I'd share the few things that I got.

1. a page-a-day calendar for 2011

I've had these in years past, but decided against getting one in 2010 because I thought Who really needs one of those? The answer? ME! I realized that I actually find them quite fun and look forward to seeing what the new page will be in the morning (no peeking allowed!).

I decided to wait until after New Years to get it when calendars go half off because I'm much happier to pay $7 for one of these than I am $14. Granted the selection was more limited, but I'm happy with the one I got.

This quote on the back of the calendar box is what got me.

2. Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Rose and Hibiscus

I'd seen a stand for these in Wal Mart a few days ago, but they were sold out of these two colors - the ones I was really interested in. Doesn't that always happen? So when I saw that Walgreens had both of them, I decided to give them a go. Lip moisturization and some color using natural ingredients? Yes, please. The lighting washed out the color strip on the bottom of the packaging in the photo, but they both look really pretty, so I'm excited to try them out.

They were $6.99 each, but the display had $1 off coupons that don't expire until 2012! Not going to lie - I grabbed a couple extra.

And now the most exciting things...

4. Wet n Wild eyeshadow trios in I'm Getting Sunburned and Silent Treatment

Do they not look familiar? That's because they're new!!! Yes, I finally saw some of Wet n Wild's new releases for 2011.

I believe there were 4 other trios in addition to these two, but they were mostly bright colors that I don't think I'd use, so they didn't get to come home with me. Now I just need the new 8 pan palettes to show up, and I'll be set!

Side note: Honestly, I don't think there's another drugstore brand that I get as excited for as I do for WnW at this point. They weren't even on my radar in 2009, but really stepped up their game in 2010.

And that's it!

Have you gotten anything good lately, makeup or otherwise?


  1. I love Burt's Bees! We don't get those tinted lip balms up here - they sound great!

  2. Hi Hun! Sure have missed you! I've been in&out of the hospital...chemo's kicking my butt. So glad I could kinda keep up with my cell phone...some nurses were cool about it but most weren't . How were your holidays? So glad u found these palettes...I sure have missed shopping! Love & hugs ,my friend! xoxo Ter/bobbysgeel

  3. @Beauty Reductionista I'm really excited for them! I hate having to apply separate products for moisturization and color, so one that will give me both is fantastic.

    @bobbysgeel Stavroula told me. Are you getting better??? I've missed our chats :( Send me a tweet sometime if you can! My holidays were really good; I'm sad that they're over already. They seemed to go by really quickly this year.


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