Sunday, January 30, 2011

Face of the Night - Angelina Jolie Inspired

This is the look that I went out with last night. I liked the way that it turned out, so I tried to take a quick photo to share with you all. None of them came out exactly, but this was the one that came closest. In person, the lower liner looked much darker.

It was pseudo-inspired by a look of Angelina Jolie’s that I tore from an issue of InStyle (apparently she wore it to some movie premiere).

Though it may be difficult to tell, I used very dark browns for the liner rather than black as she did because that much black on me would look extremely stark, and I didn’t intensify the lower liner as much. I also added some shimmer to the inner corner and brow bone to bring in some light.

The main points of this look were to keep the shadows in the neutral family and not too dark so that the liner could be amped up a bit more without the overall look being too intense. Smoking out the liner with shadow also makes the overall effect a little more carefree than say a defined cat eye would. It almost borders on the 'I slept in my makeup' look without the smudgy undereye.

Face of the Night

Eye products used

Estee Lauder palette – shadows used (from the left) second (from crease almost to brow bone), third (lid and crease), and sixth (used to smoke out liner).

   I’m sorry, I don’t know what the palette is called, but I believe it was a holiday release a few years ago. The individual shades used are called 63 Mocha Cup, 35 Cinnamon, and 45 Mink. Though I don't think you can get this anymore, the shades aren't very unique and could be pretty easily duped (although I did see a lot of these at the CCO in Orlando that I got to visit back in November, so you may be able to find one at a CCO if you're really interested).

ModelCo. shadow in Bahamas –  it’s just a white with lots of subtle shimmer (inner corner and under highest point of brow). And yes, I broke it! But I did manage to save and use all the bits that broke out of the pan.

Liner Products
Milani Retractable Pencil in Espresso – tight line
Studio Gear in Invincible Earth - upper lash line
Maybelline Great Lash Mascara in Brownish Black

So did I look like Angelina Jolie? Ha! Not even close; but I liked putting the 'smokey' into a smokey eye through the liner rather than the shadow.

Since I hadn't done this much liner in awhile, I tried to say a bit conservative - especially on the lower lashline - since I knew I wouldn't have time to fix it if I messed up. Since I was pretty happy with the effect, I may experiment some with how much lower liner I can really get away with later.

What do you ladies think? Do you bring the smokey with your shadow or your liner?


  1. I really like it! It's a more daytime appropriate version of her look. Great job!

  2. Thanks! I tried to be a bit conservative since I wouldn't have had time to fix it if I fouled up. I probably could have gone a bit darker and gotten away with it. Next time!


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