Thursday, January 13, 2011

Claire's Makeup - Giving a Whole New Meaning to Chalky Shadows...

Claire's -

You know Claire's, right? If not, it's a small store in the mall that sells very inexpensive accessories, mostly aimed at girls 12ish years old and younger. It's a store that you really have to have a child with you to walk into without looking a bit odd. You with me? Good, we're on the same page.

Well it also sells a bit of makeup. Who knew? Not me until a few months ago.

Somehow I had stumbled onto a couple of reviewers saying that their little shadow palettes were very good quality - obviously not comparable to high end products, but a good little trinket to have some fun with. So I decided that I would have to walk into that store with as much dignity as possible (no, I didn't have a child decoy to go in with me) and see if the fuss was worth it.

I believe they were only around $5 each, so I got two that looked like they might be fun.

Not amazing, but they look like they have some pretty shades, right?

I brought them home, played with them a few times; and yes, the quality was actually pretty impressive for something so inexpensive. They were all pretty smooth and quite pigmented. However, after a few days of playing with them, they got pushed into some drawer and my 'real' makeup was pulled back into use.

Fast forward to now and, after a few sessions of collection reorganization, I've become more interested in rediscovering lost bits of makeup, and these were dug up.

Hmmm, I thought, let's reswatch these and find out which were the really good shades.


They smell of CHALK!

I have never encountered any shadows that had this smell. Occasionally, cheaper shadows will smell like baby powder, but never chalk! And this scent was not there when I purchased them, so something has happened over time to create this. The scent was equally bad in both, but I'm not sure whether or not these were made at the same time. Obviously the packaging is different, which would make me think they were created separately, but the 'Batch Code' is the same for both. So... I don't know.

I tried to take a photo of the ingredient list, but the printing shade they used is extremely metallic, so this is the best that my camera could focus on it. (You can click on the image to enlarge it for better legibility). Both ingredient lists were the same in case you were wondering, so this covers both.

I have no idea which ingredient or combination thereof would cause this, but honestly, I find it extremely disturbing. For all I know, it could be completely harmless, but I have on intention of putting this anywhere near my eye or of purchasing any more 'makeup' from Claire's again - even if I do see a positive review for something.

I hope this helps someone avoid this.

If you've gotten any 'makeup' from Claire's, did you have any negative experiences with it?


  1. Ewwwwww chalk... !!! I've never bought cosmetics from Claire's!


  2. @Stavroula It was really awful! I definitely wouldn't suggest ever trying anything from there!


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