Monday, January 10, 2011

Make It Work!

This could also be referred to as Copper Penny - Take Two

If you read my previous post on Revlon's Copper Penny polish, you'll know that I was less than thrilled with it. While it looks beautiful in the bottle, it just didn't work against my skin color (at least in my opinion).

In an effort to find a way to use this polish so that it does not become a forsaken and forgotten bit in my collection, I tried it out with stamping and this is what I got.

Ta da!

Ok, so it's not brilliant, but the main point is that I think it looks much better on me when it's not the sole or primary shade. So mission accomplished; it is usable! Thank goodness it stamps well.

The shade beneath it is Get Me to the Taj on Time from OPI which I believe was part of an LE collection; but don't fret over it - I wouldn' recommend it. While it is pretty, it required 4 coats for opaque coverage. Four! I begin to balk at anything beyond two. In hindsight, perhaps I should have put down a white base polish and built this one over it? Oh well.

With this little experiment, Mr. Tim Gunn comes to mind for me -

Make it work!


  1. thanks so much for following me :)

    and omg, this is such a good idea and design! i'd love to try this some time :) great post!


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