Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Wet n Wild Trio: Silent Treatment

In my last acquisitions post, I mentioned getting two of Wet n Wild's new shadow trios, and I'm starting with this one because - well you'll see. 

First, I have to say that these shadows feel amazing. I'd read that WnW had reformulated their shadows to make them smoother and creamier; and, while I already thought their shadow quality was pretty spectacular, they really did manage to make them even better.

swatches done without primer or base
Shadow breakdown
 - The brow bone shade is an extremely light pink that I find to be more about the sheen rather than the color itself. The pink does show up a bit in certain lighting, but it acts similarly to the way a cheek highlighter would. My camera couldn't manage to pick up this color the way it deserves. Sorry! Camera fail.

 - The crease shade is the only one that needed to be built up at all. It feels just as smooth as the others, but I had to swipe it twice to get this intensity. However, I don't think this would cause any trouble for most because this is a shade more likely to be smoked out than applied opaquely.

 - The lid shade is just a gorgeous taupe. Texture and pigmentation are perfect - I'd rank the quality and color up there with my Urban Decay shadows. This would have fit perfectly into the NAKED palette (which I love!).

So why start with this trio?

Let's talk more about that taupe shade (yea, I'm going to make you sick of reading about it).

I don't care too much about my blush or lip color; I'll just slap them on and go. But my eyeshadow is where I really pay attention. In addition to my highlight shades which don't really change, it wouldn't be unreasonable to say that I'm wearing 2 or 3 more shadows on any given day. So, one that will make me happy by itself is pretty rare of for me. This is now one of those shadows.

I was in a big hurry yesterday morning, so I just grabbed this one because it looked good, slapped it on, and ran out the door. It wasn't until later that I realized I was actually happy with it.

Depending on how the light hits it, it can look both very light and more like a midtone shade, so it creates its own dimension. I have to use a relatively bright light for color to capture accurately on my camera, so the 'false' dimension is actually getting dampened a bit in the photo, but you can still see that it looks lighter on the lid and darker in the crease and outer corner.

So, if you haven't gathered yet, I really love this little palette. I know I've said it in many of my Wet n Wild posts; but at $2.99, you can't go wrong with this. I'd pay that just for the lid shade. Love it! Recommend it! Done.

What do you think? Good or no?


  1. You and I are the opposite: I love my blush and lippies to bits but don't pay too much attention to shadows. I have to admit I usually bypass Wet & Wild during my drugstore sprees, but I will take a look at them next time.

  2. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy my lip colors and blushes, but I guess I don't feel like I have as much room to play with them as I do with shadow, so I don't pay them as much mind.

    I would definitely suggest having a look at WnW for their eyeshadows (I can't really speak to their other products). I have posts on all the 6 shadow palettes and most of the singles if you need some input on which to get; they're all marked with tags if you want to check them out :)


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