Sunday, January 2, 2011

Revlon Heavenly Metal Polishes

I'm not sure what it is, but I seem to be on a bit of a nail polish kick lately. Probably best that we just go along with it, eh?

A few days ago, I went into the drugstore to look for a particular polish and came out with three from Revlon. I wanted to find the blue Holographic polish from Milani, but they were all sold out (oh well). Apparently unable to leave empty handed (I am convinced that my subconscious is set against it), my eyes caught sight of something else shiny in one of the special displays.

Revlon has a new little release called Heavenly Metal which has a few different products (shadows, mascara, and shadow sticks I believe), but what caught my eye were the metallic polishes.

Silver Dollar, Gold Coin, Copper Penny
Although I already own too many polishes, I don't have many with this sort of finish - so of course I got all three -_- Don't judge me.
Here are the swatches that I did on my nail wheels. I swear these things make it so much easier to keep track of what polishes I have.

Each one of these took two coats to get good coverage. The camera didn't catch the finish very well, but it looks a bit like there are flakes in the polish rather than just tiny glitters. It's almost like a crinkled foil.

The only one I've tried on my nails so far is Gold Coin, and the first thing I thought with it was I wish I'd had this at Christmas!!! This so reminds me of Christmas tinsel and would have been perfect for the holiday (is anyone else sad that it's already over?) And can I just say that I'm so bummed about this photo because my middle nail broke right before I painted my nails, which is why it's so much shorter than the others. Nail fail.

Overall, I'm pretty excited to play with these polishes. They look gorgeous but are very showy, so they must be used accordingly.

What do you think of them? Good? Bad? Missing Christmas???


  1. I have all three of these and I got great coverage with one coat. I have everything from the Heavenly Metals collection and I'm loving all but the lipcolor.

  2. @BudgetBeautyGoddess Wow! You must have really loved the look of the collection! haha. I was a bit interested in the eye crayone things, too but decided I didn't need them. Sorry to hear the lipcolor isn't working out :(

  3. i just picked up copper regretting not getting the other 2...ill have to go back. im really liking the application for copper penny so ill have to make a second trip to the drugstore.

    great blog btw

  4. @Tina I hope you're able to find them then! I've used two of the three so far, and I've also been really impressed with the application; although they are a pain to get off!


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