Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wet n Wild’s 'fastdry' Polish in Gray’s Anatomy

In my last birthday ‘of the days’ post, I mentioned that I had some strong opinions about my polish – Gray’s Anatomy. Well sit back, kids, because here they are in a nutshell -

This is officially the first time that Wet n Wild has truly disappointed me.

Let’s backtrack a bit. At the beginning of the year, Wet n Wild introduced quite a few new items to their line, including new eye shadows and polishes. All new items were supposed to have been reformulated and improved from previous versions. I’ve already tried some of the new shadow trios and been extremely impressed by them (I did a post on the Silent Treatment trio here). With the proven improvement of their shadows, I thought the polishes would also be amazing.

I’d seen a few sneak peek posts showing the new shades and was very drawn to Gray’s Anatomy – a light gray base with a multichrome effect of blue and purple (and sometimes a touch of green). It looked gorgeous!

2Wet n Wild Gray's Anatomy

In this shot of the bottle, you can see that the purple shows more, but the blue and green make an appearance on the left side of the bottle.

If I’m truly honest, my strong distaste for this polish may be rooted in the extreme frustration that it has caused me. Story time! Late on the night before my birthday, I decided that I wanted a fresh coat of polish for my big day. Granted this may not have been the wisest decision to make at 11 at night, but the bottle claims that the polish is ‘fastdry’, so I thought I would be done quickly. Oh, was I wrong…

Firstly, this polish absolutely is not quick drying. I would actually argue that many of my other polishes that don’t claim to dry quickly would be done before this one. To make matters worse, this polish is extremely sheer. I ended up applying four coats of this stuff, and there was still some visible nail line in certain lights. So basically, it took me 45 minutes to finish a manicure that I was ultimately not happy with.

1 Wet n Wild Gray's Anantomy swatch

In addition, the multichrome effect that makes this interesting in the bottle never seems to show on my nails. Regardless of my attempts in different lights, I was never able to find the blue and green sheens, leaving only the purple. Now don’t get me wrong, I do love my purples, but without those extra colors, this isn’t left being very different from many other polishes (ones that wouldn’t have required four coats!!!)

In the future, I may try to experiment with this over another polish so it’s not completely responsible for coverage, but right now I’m just too frustrated with it.

I feel like Wet n Wild has really failed to live up to its promise. If it hadn’t claimed to be fast drying, I wouldn’t be so upset with it; but why claim that it is when you can’t deliver? Especially since I wouldn't have decided to try it so late if it hadn't claimed this! Grrr.

This definitely does not mean that I am off Wet n Wild, but it does mean that I’ll be a bit more cautious about their polishes. No buying until after I try to search on how well the shades apply!

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