Thursday, February 3, 2011

First Time With Cover Girl Polish–Not Impressed…

It seems that my quick foray into pink polish has sent me into an extreme retreat to my beloved deeper shades. I’ve already gone to a murky purple, so the next step is an ultra-dark color (obviously).

After a quick look over my collection, I pulled up a shade that I haven’t tried before (I think I grabbed this up during a sale and then plunked it down onto my nail rack without giving it much thought). Time to give it some love, right?

Cover Girl’s Midnight Magic

In the bottle, this looks like an extremely dark blue with loads of micro-shimmer. It looks gorgeous. On the nails though, it might as well be a flat black.

CoverGirl Midnight Magic swatch

In this photo, you can better see the blue shimmer when the light hits it. Apparently the shimmer is temperamental because it never wants to make an appearance on my nails.

CoverGirl Midnight Magic

If the color issue was the only problem, I could forgive and just retire it to be used like a base black under other polishes.


I cannot forgive it for being the consistency of water. No exaggeration – this is the runniest polish I have ever worked with. A smidge too much product on the brush, and I had polish running down the sides of my nail. It’s a complete pain in the butt that caused me loads of messy edges.

The only good thing I could possibly say is that it only required two coats – two messy, runny coats.

This baby may be going in the trash…


  1. I used it too, and not impressed at all!
    Very nice blog you have :)

  2. It is a pity, since the colour looked so promising!!
    Anyway, thanks for the warning!
    XOXO from a new follower,

  3. Alina: Part of me wondered if I'd just gotten a dud; but if you had the same issue, then it's definitely just a bad polish. Thanks for letting me know!

  4. Catanya: I really had high hopes for it since it looked so lovely in the bottle. I'm glad if I can help anyone not waste their money on it; and thanks for following :)

  5. You and I are nail polish twins! I just had a negative encounter with a Tarina Tarantino in similar colour. I've never tried CG nail polish and now thanks to you, I won't ever be tempted.


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