Wednesday, March 30, 2011

First Ever Zoya Acquisitions and ‘MY’ Color!

A little bit ago, I caught wind of a possible deal coming up for people with accounts. I’ve heard quite a few beauty girls rave about the brand, but I’d never tried it out. It’s free to make an account, so I thought I might as well make one to see what might get offered.

The deal turned out to be BOGO free for their summer color releases. Normally at $8 a bottle, this seemed like a good opportunity to give them a go so I got four summer shades!


I tried to go outside of my comfort zone with most of these. Apple, Rica, and Breezi were a tad brighter than what I’d normally go for, but it seems having a large collection of polish means that I’ve already got my comfort zone pretty well covered. Must branch out in order to justify the purchase!


Apple and Faye

Rica and Breezi

So with the deal, these averaged to $4 per bottle. Not too shabby!

Although I’m not a huge fan of hot weather, I’m looking forward to it so that it’s more socially acceptable to break out these bright colors! Although we know I’ll wear them regardless of whether or not they’re season appropriate.

And one more that I picked up…


There was no deal on this bottle, but I really had to because – it’s MY polish!


I was really excited when I saw there was a polish with my name and it was spelled correctly! It’s an added bonus that I love the color, but I probably would have gotten it at some point regardless. This will have to be used very soon.

Have you tried anything from Zoya?

Monday, March 28, 2011

Beauty Dilemma and a Collection Purge

Often times being informed makes life more difficult than being blissfully ignorant. What makes it even more complicated is when you try to get informed and can’t find solid information.

What are you going on about, Caitlin?

The last few months, I feel like I’ve been hearing a lot about mineral oil and its use in cosmetics so I decided I’d better get myself educated. Turns out that’s easier said than done. Some people say that it’s a miracle worker while others say it’s the devil. Some say that it’s perfectly safe while others claim a link to cancer. Humph. Why can’t I just find a straight answer?!

I may do a more in-depth post about what I have found about it if you ladies are interested; but for now, I’ll leave it at that if the possible negative effects of it are true, then no makeup is worth the risk.

What I’m most concerned about right now are products that cause me to actually ingest this ingredient. Any bad ingredient will be more dangerous when put directly into your system, right? What’s that mean? Lipsticks. I’m not sure how accurate this is, but I read that the average woman ingests approximately 7 pounds of lipstick every decade. (Is anyone else a little grossed out by that prospect?) I went through my lipstick collection and did ingredient list searches (for some of them, this was more difficult than it should have been) and pulled out the ones that contained any form of mineral oil.

This is what got pulled out.


  * NYX lipsticks

   * Revlon lipsticks

   *Cover Girl lipsticks and glosses

To be honest, some of these made me really sad to pull out– especially the GC gloss that has been one of my go-to’s since high school, but I took them out of my collection a few weeks ago and threw them in a plastic bag to see how much I’d miss them and – I managed to survive.

Do I feel any healthier? No.  Do my lips feel any different? No.

But I do have to say that I do feel a little better knowing that I’ve taken a (possibly) dangerous ingredient out of my routine.

A Basic ‘About’
For any of you interested in what mineral oil is – it’s a byproduct of the distillation of petroleum, and it’s extremely inexpensive because it’s so abundant. Vaseline and (most) baby oils are pure mineral oil.

To make things even more confusing, mineral oil is listed under multiple different names depending on, I believe, the level at which it’s been refined. The names that seem to be most common are mineral oil, petroleum, petrolatum, paraffinum liquidum (or liquid paraffin), and propylene glycol. But supposedly there are over a hundred different names for it… so intimidating…

Since I’ve managed not to miss these for an extended period, I may be able to make the final trip to the garbage with them.

What to Do with Them?

This is just a fun, little extra, but when I pulled the bag of lipsticks out to take the photos for this post, I had the idea that any other self-respecting girl would have – I decided to see if you could build something with them.

Lipstick tower! Don’t tell me that’s not fun – and it’s more difficult to do than you’d think! The little buggers kept trying to roll off each other. I, obviously, feel very accomplished.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Beauty Basics: Is Your Makeup Application Aging You?

Let’s have a chat, girls.

We wear makeup to make ourselves look better, right? In all honesty, whether we realize it or not, most of what we do with makeup is to make our features look younger. Liner and mascara make eyes look bigger, blush makes us look like we have better circulation, etc. etc. But what if you learned that something many girls did everyday as part of their makeup routine is aging them? Hmmm.

So what are they doing?

Remember that liner that’s making your eyes look bigger? The problem is how it’s being applied. How many YouTube makeup tutorials have you seen or read makeup articles that say to pull your lid taught so that you can draw a thin, precise line? I swear, I cringe every time!

Some Science

The skin’s structure is held by a 'woven' system of proteins in the dermis called elastin and collagen.  Elastin lets tissue stretch and return to its original state while the collagen prevents the elastin from stretching to the point of breaking. Your body stops producing new elastin when it reaches maturity – or near the beginning of puberty. That means that’s when the aging process really starts. Eeeek, right?! So early!

Even though pulling on any area of skin can cause damage, the skin around the eyes is some of the thinnest and most delicate on the entire body so it’s more easily affected. Many girls don’t seem to take this very seriously, even after they’ve been told about the possible damage of their actions. I think this is because the damage isn’t immediately tangible to them.

But consider a rubber band:
If I take a new one and pull it as hard as I can, then let go; it will go back to its original state. So, I’ve done no damage, right? What if I pull that hard on it every day for 2 years. I highly doubt it would bounce back the same way on day 730 as it did on day one. The problem is that there’s not one day where it bounces back perfectly, and the next it falls limp. The damage is slow and cumulative; the damage can already be done before you’ve even realized it has started.

To make it worse: you pull on the skin to make it taught so you can apply the liner. As the skin loosens, you will have to pull it harder to get the same liner look, so the level of damage will be begin to grow exponentially.

I’ve seen a few try to justify it by saying that it does no more damage than rubbing on your eyes does or sleeping with your face laying on a pillow. Guess what – rubbing your eyes does damage the skin, but there’s a good chance you’re not doing this as consistently as you are applying liner, so the rubbing alone is less likely to cause as much cumulative damage. And why do you think a lot of dermatologists say they can tell which side of the face someone sleeps on based on how their skin is aging. Yea… damage.

So what to do?

I’ve mentioned it before, but not all liners are created equal. If one is so hard that you have to apply a lot of pressure to get a good line, then it’s not a good pencil to use. A lot of the pulling on lids is done so that the pressure applied with the pencil won’t pull the lid with it and create skips in the line. Use a soft enough pencil, and you won’t need to pull the lid. You can also use a liquid liner (which should apply opaquely almost regardless of pressure) or a gel liner with a brush. If I find that one of these makes my lid move with it causing the line to ‘skip’, I’ll take a finger and lightly press down on the outer edge of my lid to hold it in place – not pulling it one way or the other. That should be the most you need if you use the right product.

I’ll be the first to admit that I am not faultless in this regard though. I was actually a compulsive lid puller until I was about 20 when I realized the damage I was doing. I am not averse to aging, it’s part of life, but I don’t want to do anything to speed it up!

Of course there are other factors that are responsible for wrinkling such as genetics, sun damage, smoking, poor nutrition, and dehydration.  However, as beauty junkies (which I’m sure anyone reading this blog is one), this is one of the factors that we’re most likely to be guilty of.

So any of you out there making a habit of pulling on your lids, KNOCK IT OFF!

Unless you’re interested in premature wrinkling. Your call.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Rimmel Quad in Smokey Brun: Review and Swatches

This is another one of those items that I purchased per a recommendation from a beauty vlogger. I don’t hate this shadow quad, but I can’t give it the same glowing review.

These are actually the first Rimmel eyeshadows I have ever tried. I walk past the stand every time I go through a drugstore makeup section, but nothing about their colors or packaging had ever caught my attention.

But then this vlogger said this was one of her favorite shadow quads, so I had to check it out.

Rimmel 002 Smokey Brun



The combination seems to be a good one – a light beige for inner corner highlighting, a champagne for the lid, and both a golden and dark brown for adding dimension or smudging out liner.

With excellent quality, it could have been almost perfect for a neutrals girl. If only…

The shadows have a very dry texture and aren’t very pigmented at first go.

To illustrate, I’ve done a ‘one swipe swatch’ meaning I only dipped into the product one time, and then did what I could with it.


Not very good.

However, unlike some poorly pigmented shadows, these can be built up. After some building -


As a note, the lightest shade is another one of those highlight shades that only make an appearance when the light hits it. It’s more about the sheen than the color. The second lightest shade is also not as well represented in the photo as I would like. It’s a pretty color, but it’s a little too close to my skin tone, so it’s pulling a vanishing act in the picture.

Obviously the pigment needed for good color payoff has been included in the shadow (or else it would be almost impossible to build), but I think the texture of the shadows is what kills it. If the shadow formula worked in more moisture to make them softer, they might work very well and I could give them a glowing review.

As they are though, you will have to really dig your brush into them to get enough product for application – even with a solid primer. I’m also unsure of how well they would perform on darker skin tones. Being so fair, it’s not difficult to get most colors to show up well on me, but I can’t swear that these will be able to be built up enough to really show on darker skin.

Overall, they’re just alright. I have used this a few times and can get a look from it that I am happy enough with to keep it in my collection. However, I doubt I’ll purchase any other Rimmel shadows unless I’m told their formulation has been improved.

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Acquisitions: Wax of Bees and Typewriter Keys

So today I went to a craft show. I like to try to go to these in an effort to support artisans, but normally don’t have very high hopes for them. When did so many crafters get into large, bulbous jewelry and monogramming everything? But it’s still worth a shot; you never know when you’ll find something interesting.

And I did!

One pound of pure bee’s wax. I have absolutely no idea what I’m going to do with it, but hopefully an internet search will give me some ideas… hopefully easy ones.

And the better of the two things -

At first glance, this may look like just a normal bracelet, but take a guess what the pieces are made from. Ah, but I guess I gave it away in the title…

Recycled typewriter keys! How cool is that?

Although I saw more than my share of gaudy jewelry and monogrammed… everything, I still had fun looking around.

Any ideas on what I can do with the beeswax?

And are you one of those people who must have your name on everything? (Because if you are, you and I can’t be friends, and it’s best we learn this now.)

But thanks for reading anyway! Smile with tongue out

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Yes (or No?) to Carrots

You ladies know from past posts that I’m getting more interested in the ingredients used in my beauty products, so I was quite pleased when I found a couple of Yes to Carrots products on sale at Target.

  The two products I picked up were the Carrot Rich Moisturizing Body Scrub and the Eye Contour Cream.

I’d heard good things about some of the products from the Yes to… lines (though nothing about these specific products), but I was reluctant to pay the price to try them out.

With prices like $15 for the eye cream and $10 for the scrub, it seemed steep for something you’d purchase at Target, but I thought the $3.74 and $2.48 I found them for respectively was a perfect chance give them a go.

I’m really glad I found them on sale…

The Scrub

This is meant to act as a physical exfoliant with little, rough ‘beads’ in the cream. I’m not positive what the ‘beads’ are made of, but from glancing through the ingredients list, I would guess silt. They are certainly large and rough enough to give a good scrub to the skin. The problem is that there aren’t enough of them… They are so sparse within the cream that you’ll know they are there, but they really won’t touch most of your skin.

On top of that, despite all the moisturizing ingredients, I didn’t notice any difference in how moisturized my skin actually felt. In an attempt to find a way to use it, I tested it out like a body wash, but the product does not foam at all. It almost felt like trying to use a thick lotion as a soap. Though I’m not counting against it for this at all, I’m disappointed that I can’t find a beneficial use for it. No good. I have been squeezing some onto my shower poof along with shower gels for the psychological benefit of feeling like I’m not wasting the product, but it really does nothing for me.

The Eye Cream



I have combination/dry skin, and one of the dryer bits is always the area on top of my cheekbones and up towards my temples. I manage to keep it pretty well in check with a current skincare routine, but I’m always up for trying something new. You never know when you’ll find something better, right?

Firstly, I have to say that this stuff is extremely heavy. When I think of eye creams and treatments, I generally think of serums or very thin creams that can quickly sink into skin rather than a thicker one that will sit on the surface. The feel reminds me more of something I’d use on knees and elbows than something for the face. The directions actually say to use it morning and night, but I absolutely cannot imagine wearing something this heavy under makeup, so I only implemented it into the night routine.
Unsurprisingly, it felt heavy on my skin, too. A large part of this was due to that, despite a good portion of it seeming to soak in, it left a sort of film behind. It wasn’t the most pleasant feeling cream I’d used, but maybe it would help hold the moisturizing ingredients in the skin to do their job better? Strangely enough, after using this for a couple of weeks, my skin started to feel drier… Really? If anything, my skin should be breaking out like crazy from this stuff.

And another thing…

I’m not normally one to harp on packaging, but something about this really rubbed me the wrong way. The jar itself is as large as the palm of my hand – pretty big for an eye cream. But take a look at it when open -


Look how wide the packaging around the product itself is! That is absolutely ridiculous. If someone says that it’s made that way in order to protect the product itself from something (doubt it), then I’ll take back my criticism; but if it’s to give the illusion of more product… I feel that’s a bit misleading, and it’s a waste of materials. Don’t natural lines tend to be environmentally conscious?

After a bit of measuring and some quick math, about 59% of the counter space that this jar will take up is due to the packaging – not the product. Yes, the packaging must take up some space, but over half?! Humph.

Overall, I’m pretty disappointed and probably won’t purchase anything else from them unless I see rave reviews on a specific product.

Have you tried anything from this brand? Anything I should look at or make sure to avoid?

Monday, March 14, 2011

Jumping on the Bandwagon–Birch Box

I first heard about Birch box three or four months ago, and feel like I have been beaten over the head with it since (actually just seeing lots of YouTube videos of excited girls opening their monthly boxes – same difference).

For those of you out of the loop, Birch Box is a monthly $10 service that sends you a box with 4 to 5 “deluxe” sized samples of higher end makeup and beauty products.

Part of me was really hesitant to sign up for this because you have no say over what samples you are sent. When you do sign up, you fill out a questionnaire that asks thinks like your skin/hair type and beauty interests, and they are supposed to pseudo-tailor the samples they send to you based on your answers. After seeing quite a few videos about the sorts of samples they send out though(being beaten over the head), it seemed like it might still be money well spent.

In addition, I thought it might act like a beauty fix. I swear, I feel like we beauty girls really are like druggies, and sometimes we need a fix! There are times that I want to try something new for the sake of trying something new, and $10 spent on higher end samples may be better than $10 at a drugstore on products that could be disappointing but I would still feel obligated to use up.

So, without further ado, my first Birch Box.

First time I've ever gotten a PINK box in the mail.

The inner box we've all seen too many times.

All packaged up.

Post ripping packaging off.

Product description card.

Products and Price Points

 blow Thickening Mist

Full Size: 8.5 oz. $21

Sample: 2 oz.

Sample worth: $4.94

I remember seeing this in a past Birch Box, and had wished I could try it, so this worked out well!

Marvis Classic Mint Toothpaste

Full Size: 75 ml $10.50

Sample: 10 ml

Sample worth: $1.40

Pangea Organics Lip Balm in Pyrenees Lavender with Cardamom
Full size: .25 oz $12

Sample: is full size!

Pangea Organics Facial Scrub

Full size: 3.8 oz $32

Sample: .07 oz

Sample Worth: $.59

 Pomega5 Daily Revitalizing Concentrate
Full size: 30 ampoules $48

Sample: 4 ampoules

Sample worth: $6.40

We won't talk about the 'brow brush' that came with it because that was just ridiculous.

Total Samples’ Worth: $25.33

So, overall, I more than got my money’s worth in product.

In previous months, it seems that everyone got essentially the same set of products, but a few discrepancies seem to be coming up with this box.

I saw a few videos of girls who got their box earlier than I did, and all of them were getting two towlettes soaked in a self-tanner. I won’t lie – I shuddered a bit. I am almost as pale as you can get, but have absolutely no interest in fake tanner. I conceded that I would just test them out on an area that wouldn’t be seen to see if they really worked, but they would ultimately be wasted on me. But hoorah! I did not get them! I guess they really do take those questionnaire answers into consideration. I also seem to have gotten the capsules in place of a moisturizing mask that many others are receiving. I’d honestly have been happy with either.

It’s not the best Birch Box I’ve seen thus far, but I still think it was worth the price. Right now I’m on the month-by-month subscription, so I’ll probably continue the service for another 2 or 3 months before forming a hard opinion on this; but for now – I’m pleased.

Do any of you do the Birch Box thing?

***All sample worths were calculated using the price per once/ml/whatever of the full sized product.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Snooping: The Beauty Products Hiding in My Bag

Because we’re all a bit nosey, right?

This is the ‘makeup bag’ that I keep in my purse. It doesn’t look that special, but one of my best friends from school gave it to me years ago, and I’ve been using it since then. I like it for its sentimentality.


And what’s crammed into it…


- Colgate wisps in peppermint (just in case)
- Benefit lipstick in good-to-go
- Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Rose
- Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment with SPF 15
- Revlon Lip Gloss in Coral Reef (this hasn’t been used in awhile; it just hasn’t made its way back out of the bag)
- Lip Fusion gloss in Smooch
- MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner SPF 15 in Gentle Coral
- softlips SPF 20 in Vanilla
- Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm
- Viva la Juicy solid perfume (for those rare days when I run out and forget to put on perfume)

So apparently what’s in my bag is ‘too much’. But then I never claimed to be streamlined.

Thanks for being nosey ;)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Korres Shadows: Review on a Sephora Deal

I swear, I am the biggest sucker for a deal. Just a few days after seeing the Benefit kits, I find out that Sephora had put their Korres shadows on sale. Damn you, weekly specials!

Their description says that they provide antiaging benefits (I doubt it, but good marketing) and are made with natural ingredients. That second bit was what I was really interested in. I’ve been getting more and more critical about the stuff I put on my skin, and these seemed like they were good on that front. They are made without parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrance, petro-chemicals, or GMO. Sounded good.

I was also curious about the shadows from them since I have liked a few of their lip products for awhile; but at $16 each and with very mixed reviews, I could deal with staying curious. However, the six shades they had left went down to $6 each. So I ordered 5 of them.

Korres shadows
22S Orange, 34S Golden Brown, 64S Pink

Korres shadows2
55 Metallic Grey, 14 Ivory

Truthfully, my feelings are really mixed, and I’m disappointed in Korres. Mixed because some of their quality is excellent and some are very poor, and disappointed because a brand with this name and reputation should be much more consistent.

I now completely understand why the reviews are so mixed – it all comes down to which shade you happen to buy.

Ivory – I promise, a definite attempt was made to swatch this, but the color just will not catch (no, it’s not just blending into my skin). It does give a sheen similar to a facial highlighter if packed on enough, but that’s it. I would be majorly peeved if I’d paid $16 for this.

Metallic Grey – This is a very pretty color that reads taupe on my skin. Although nice, I did have to build it up a bit to get this coverage. It’s not bad for this price, but still not what I would have expected from them.

Pink – Even though this is definitely pink in the pan, it reads more like a soft white on my skin with lots of frost. If you want this to get a pink lid – it won’t work. It almost disappears when light is not hitting it. This will work as a nice inner corner highlight though. Again, no good for $16, but not bad for $6.

Golden Brown – This is the only one that justified its price tag to me. The swatch represents one swipe. It feels very smooth and is nicely pigmented. I’d rank this up there with my Urban Decay shadows. All 5 of these should be like this.

Orange – Like Metallic Grey, it’s a very pretty color, but required quite a bit of building up. I’d call it more of a warm gold with touches of pink than ‘orange’. It does have a strong orange-gold sheen to it though. It reminds me of MAC’s melon pigment with a touch less pink.

Overall, the only one that I can wholeheartedly suggest is the Golden Brown. Absolutely skip Ivory, and the other three depend on how you feel about the shades themselves and about having to build them.

Before I ordered these, I did try to find good swatches of each color, but most hadn’t been reviewed (at least not that I could find), so I was ordering on faith. If I order more of their shadows in the future, I will have to be able to find a good swatch before I put down money now that I know how inconsistent they are.

I hope this helps someone else who is interested in trying these out but couldn’t find swatches. Fingers crossed for the power of the internet!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Current Liner of Choice: Milani's EasyLiner

Since I recently did a post where I declared my love for retractable eyeliners, it only seemed appropriate to show one that I’ve been loving lately.

Milani’s EasyLiner for Eyes Retractable Pencil in Espresso

1 Milani Easyliner Retractable Pencil
2 Milani Easyliner Retractable Pencil

I have been working my way through this pencil for a few months now and, honestly, I think it’s my favorite pencil that I’ve ever used from the drugstore.

There’s nothing particularly amazing about the packaging, but the product itself is fantastic. When it comes to liners, one of the most important factors to me is the pencil’s softness. It must be soft enough to apply opaquely without having to press hard and tug on the eye (have to avoid causing wrinkles), but not so creamy that it will melt away during the day (I also prefer avoiding that raccoon effect). This pencil gives me both.

The above swatch may not look quite opaque, but it was done by applying almost no pressure. The only real pressure here was from the weight of the pencil itself; I just pulled it across. Pretty amazing, huh? I’d say they’re not quite as smooth as Urban Decay’s 24/7 pencils, but they’re extremely close and, at only around $5, they’re much more affordable.

Waterline Wear

I don’t often line my waterline, but for the sake of completeness for this review, I did test it out today by applying it to the upper tight line. It stayed strong for about 3 hours before it began fading. By hour 5 it was gone, but it didn’t smudge down onto my lower lash line. It just faded away.

Criticisms and Closing

There are really no shortcomings I can find with the product itself. The pencil is amazing. It’s so amazing that I would like to have multiple shades of it. The problem is that this line of pencils is very limited. It comes in only four colors – a black, brown (this one), grey, and blue. So, they have all of your basic colors covered; but if you want to be a bit more experimental, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

The only other problem I can pull out is that it does not come with its own sharpener, but then many pencils do not. If you still have not found a sharpener for retractable pencils, you can read my earlier post so you’ll know what to look for to find one.

I do have to say that this pencil is not waterproof, smudge proof, apocalypse proof or whatever else you feel the need to guard against. It is not one of those pencils that you can swatch over your hand, then try to rub it off and it not budge. If you rub your eyes with this on, it will smudge; but then you shouldn’t be rubbing your eyes!

3 Milani Easyliner Retractable Pencil

The extended bit of the pencil is actually all that I have left. A big reason I decided to do this post was that I didn’t know how much longer this would last in order for me to feature it. As much as I love this, I don’t think I will immediately run out and replace it once its gone. One of my shortcomings in beauty is that I always believe that, if I look hard enough, I will be able to find something better. But if I start getting frustrated in my continued search and need to go back to a default product I know and trust for a bit, this is it for drugstore liners.

Thanks for reading!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Kinerase is On My List–and Not the Good One

Most of us probably know the name Kinerase as it’s a pretty well regarded brand in the skincare industry. Though I haven’t actually heard from many individuals about their products, it seems that I see a product or two of theirs mentioned as some of the best in beauty and fashion magazines every month.

So, I was pretty excited when one of their products came up as an optional sample in a order. The product was their Daily Defense Lotion SPF 30.

Kinerase SPF Lotion

With expectations high, I used this in place of my normal day lotion. And… hopes crushed. This stuff and my skin do not mix at all.

I wish I could remember well enough to tell you about the texture and scent, but I can’t. I don’t remember being exceptionally put off by either though, so I must have thought they were alright.

My issue with this is that it broke me out! I have combination/dry skin and, I in no way want to sound like I’m bragging with this, I never break out. Even as a pubescent adolescent, I never experienced that right of passage. But the morning after wearing this I had bumps all over the sides of my nose and a few on my chin. And they’re not the ‘easy’ spots that quickly come to a head and can be extracted, they’re the ones that hide deep underneath the skin that cause noticeable bumps and pain, but can’t be fully dealt with until they make their way to the surface. Thank goodness it was only a one day sample – no telling the damage that more could have done!

Needless to say I am annoyed. As someone who has worn sunscreen on her face every day for over 10 years, I know this isn’t my skin revolting against the SPF ingredients. Regardless of what ingredient is responsible though, Kinerase has earned itself a place on my brands to avoid list.

Almost a week later (and intensive use of masks and treatments), the spots are beginning to shrink, but none are completely gone. I looked through a few Sephora reviews, and I didn’t notice anyone else complaining about breakouts, but many cited that it left their skin feeling very oily.

It also doesn’t help that a 2.8 oz tube costs $94. I guess they think a lot of themselves.

To recap, I’m completely unimpressed, and my nose is annoyed.

Have you ever tried anything from Kinerase?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Saying Goodbye to a Friend: Armani Code

Two things about me:

I love perfume. I love to have options.

Put the two together and you get: I have a lot of perfume. I am the worst type of perfume consumer in the eyes of a business because I am not brand loyal. I jump around a lot, and have scents covering most different scent families. Because of this it is very rare for me to finish a bottle. Not that they get discarded; more scents just continue to come in while very few ever make their way out. If I were an old fairytale, I would become the old woman who died buried in pretty bottles.

Today though is a sad day – because one has spritzed its last spritz and made its way out of rotation.

Armani Code came out in 2006, so I was probably a college sophomore when I first got it; but it didn’t get hard pulled into use until my senior year. Somewhere in that second semester, I seemed to start never having enough time and always being in a hurry. Although it’s generally unusual for me to even wear the same fragrance two days in a row, this somehow became the one that I threw on almost every morning as I ran out the door to get to class. Because of this, even though I’ve had the same bottle for close to 5 years, I still associate the smell with those last few months of college.

Armani Code empty

This fragrances is classified as a floral oriental, and the notes are:
Blood Orange, Ginger, Pear Sorbet, Sambac Jasmine, Orange Blossom, Seringa Flower, Lavender Honey, Precious Woods Complex, Vanilla

To be honest, I wouldn’t be able to pull any of those notes out by name just by smelling it.

To me, this scent has both a mild sweetness and spiciness to it. It’s enough to be a bit sexy without coming across as offensive. It stays pretty close to the body, so there’s little worry that someone will smell you before they see you. It’s not a ‘fresh’ scent, but I still feel like it’s appropriate for day. Bottom line, you should go smell it if you haven’t done so already.

I actually choked the last few drops out of the bottle yesterday, and noticed that I felt a bit sad this morning knowing that it wasn’t an option anymore. I will probably repurchase this again some time in the future, but no time soon. I have too many other perfumes to justify needing to immediately replace this one. Maybe I’ll go find it again in a few years and get transported back to college.

I think that I’ll now find a place for the bottle in my bathroom for decoration – because it is a gorgeous bottle – since I no longer need to protect the scent inside (you do know you shouldn’t keep perfume in the bathroom, right?)

It’s been with me through a lot, and a part of me really will miss it.

Do you have any scents, perfume or otherwise, that you tie to a time in your life?

Thanks for reading.
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