Monday, March 7, 2011

Current Liner of Choice: Milani's EasyLiner

Since I recently did a post where I declared my love for retractable eyeliners, it only seemed appropriate to show one that I’ve been loving lately.

Milani’s EasyLiner for Eyes Retractable Pencil in Espresso

1 Milani Easyliner Retractable Pencil
2 Milani Easyliner Retractable Pencil

I have been working my way through this pencil for a few months now and, honestly, I think it’s my favorite pencil that I’ve ever used from the drugstore.

There’s nothing particularly amazing about the packaging, but the product itself is fantastic. When it comes to liners, one of the most important factors to me is the pencil’s softness. It must be soft enough to apply opaquely without having to press hard and tug on the eye (have to avoid causing wrinkles), but not so creamy that it will melt away during the day (I also prefer avoiding that raccoon effect). This pencil gives me both.

The above swatch may not look quite opaque, but it was done by applying almost no pressure. The only real pressure here was from the weight of the pencil itself; I just pulled it across. Pretty amazing, huh? I’d say they’re not quite as smooth as Urban Decay’s 24/7 pencils, but they’re extremely close and, at only around $5, they’re much more affordable.

Waterline Wear

I don’t often line my waterline, but for the sake of completeness for this review, I did test it out today by applying it to the upper tight line. It stayed strong for about 3 hours before it began fading. By hour 5 it was gone, but it didn’t smudge down onto my lower lash line. It just faded away.

Criticisms and Closing

There are really no shortcomings I can find with the product itself. The pencil is amazing. It’s so amazing that I would like to have multiple shades of it. The problem is that this line of pencils is very limited. It comes in only four colors – a black, brown (this one), grey, and blue. So, they have all of your basic colors covered; but if you want to be a bit more experimental, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

The only other problem I can pull out is that it does not come with its own sharpener, but then many pencils do not. If you still have not found a sharpener for retractable pencils, you can read my earlier post so you’ll know what to look for to find one.

I do have to say that this pencil is not waterproof, smudge proof, apocalypse proof or whatever else you feel the need to guard against. It is not one of those pencils that you can swatch over your hand, then try to rub it off and it not budge. If you rub your eyes with this on, it will smudge; but then you shouldn’t be rubbing your eyes!

3 Milani Easyliner Retractable Pencil

The extended bit of the pencil is actually all that I have left. A big reason I decided to do this post was that I didn’t know how much longer this would last in order for me to feature it. As much as I love this, I don’t think I will immediately run out and replace it once its gone. One of my shortcomings in beauty is that I always believe that, if I look hard enough, I will be able to find something better. But if I start getting frustrated in my continued search and need to go back to a default product I know and trust for a bit, this is it for drugstore liners.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Lol when u said not apocalypse proof. But this liner sounds pretty good for the price but I will probably skip it since it's doesn't stick the waterline very well.

  2. Alas, we do not have Milani here. (Or, if we do, I don't know where.) I've been enjoying UD 24/7 lately.

  3. EveryDay Makeup: haha I don't know why I thought of it, but it seemed appropriate at the time. As much as I love the liner, it definitely won't make you happy if you need one to last through the day on the waterline.

  4. Reductionista: I love the 24/7 pencils, too. I just wish they were a bit more affordable.


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