Wednesday, March 30, 2011

First Ever Zoya Acquisitions and ‘MY’ Color!

A little bit ago, I caught wind of a possible deal coming up for people with accounts. I’ve heard quite a few beauty girls rave about the brand, but I’d never tried it out. It’s free to make an account, so I thought I might as well make one to see what might get offered.

The deal turned out to be BOGO free for their summer color releases. Normally at $8 a bottle, this seemed like a good opportunity to give them a go so I got four summer shades!


I tried to go outside of my comfort zone with most of these. Apple, Rica, and Breezi were a tad brighter than what I’d normally go for, but it seems having a large collection of polish means that I’ve already got my comfort zone pretty well covered. Must branch out in order to justify the purchase!


Apple and Faye

Rica and Breezi

So with the deal, these averaged to $4 per bottle. Not too shabby!

Although I’m not a huge fan of hot weather, I’m looking forward to it so that it’s more socially acceptable to break out these bright colors! Although we know I’ll wear them regardless of whether or not they’re season appropriate.

And one more that I picked up…


There was no deal on this bottle, but I really had to because – it’s MY polish!


I was really excited when I saw there was a polish with my name and it was spelled correctly! It’s an added bonus that I love the color, but I probably would have gotten it at some point regardless. This will have to be used very soon.

Have you tried anything from Zoya?


  1. Intrigued by Faye, love Breezi, and YAY for Caitlin! I'd so grab a Liz polish, too, just for the sake of it. How funny is it that the colour turned out to be so perfect? So much of Zoya is sparkly and bright.

    I tried to take advantage of this deal but unavailable to Canadians. LE SIGH.

  2. Ahaha, so amazing that they have one with your name! Id totally buy an Alex polish if they had it :)

    Caitlin is my favourite of the colours you picked too, grey/blues like this always look so pretty.

  3. Liz: I know! I was so glad that it was a 'me' color :P That's so dumb that Canada gets cut off of so many deals. It seems like a poor business decision on their part, too - they'd probably pull in more customers if they opened up the specials to more people.

  4. Alex: I was so excited the first time I saw it on a blog! It's definitely my favorite out of the ones I got. The brights will be fun to break out every now and then though :)


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